15 Jun 2014

June roses

After the rainy days at the beginning of the week I'm glad to say that we then had one or two dry, even sunny days. On Thursday we went to the area in Derbyshire that we had planned on Monday but had decided against it because of the stormy weather. (More about that day another time).
On Friday I was dropped me off at the park entrance so that I could go to the library in our local park and browse the books.

Thankfully the heavy rain hadn't spoilt the blooms.  There were no labels so I don't know the names.

I've included this bush as it usually looks quite ordinary, but now that it's suddenly full of flowers it looks pretty and is attracting the bees.  Perhaps you can give me the name of it?

At home I'm enjoying our own roses.
The shortbread made with rose water and rose petals
 was bought during our day out on Thursday.
when we visited Tideswell and the surrounding villages
of Cressbrook and Litton.


  1. June brought you much beauty... i like that bee bush and the brick wall behind it, but don't know what it is. bees just love beauty and pollen... shortbread has me drooling.

  2. Lovely roses, Linda what a delightful garden to pass on your way to the library. I don't know what the plant against the wall is but it is very pretty. I've seen lavender shortbread but not rose - the biscuits look delicious:)

  3. très joli parc
    je pense qu'il fait parti de la famille des églantiers
    j'en ai un il s'appel " Luttens" ils ne sont pas remontant en général
    c'est des rosiers qui deviennent un peu sauvage
    bon dimanche devant votre tasse de thé et un bon sablé
    merci de votre visite
    edith (iris )

  4. You do take such lovely walks Linda!! Your mystery bush is an Escallonia I think based on the look of the leaves, although the flowers that I have seen are usually smaller, but in such a well tended garden it probably does really well and therefore has larger flowers. It is a stunning shrub I think, and is very good for growing by the seaside or in exposed positions. The roses are really beautiful and so lovely to see. Thank you as always for sharing. xx

    1. Thank you, Amy. I'll make a note of it. It's always good to know about pretty flowering shrubs like this.

  5. What absolutely beautiful roses! Those yellow ones are especially gorgeous. You're so lucky to live in a place that has so many beautiful gardens to visit -- thanks for taking the time to snap a few photos to share with us! -Beth

  6. I do like the sound of rose shortbread - picture a June afternoon sitting in the shade, a lovely cup of tea and a piece of rose shortbread sounds divine.
    I agree with Amy it is Escallonia appleblossom. The appleblossom variety has larger flowers than the others.

  7. Very pretty Linda. Thank you for sharing your roses with us. Ours took a thorough beating from our harsh winter and most of them died back to the ground. They are making a return, but nothing like last summer. My blooms are few and far between, but every one is precious.

  8. Ahh...so grandson is growing up....those roses are beautiful, especially the yellow one. I think I have that climbing rose in my garden, name escapes me but I do have the label, must dig it out.
    Rose shortbread???? ooooh...I await with baited breath.xxx

  9. A bit of rain brings everything to life again as your pictures prove. The roses are beautiful and I love the sound of those rose shortbread biscuits. Mmmmm......
    Patricia x

  10. I was never a lover of roses until this past year or two, I'm enjoying them more and more these days and even have a couple in my own garden now. It's all change for your grandson this year then, it's amazing just how fast they grow up once they've left primary school.

  11. I love that close-up shot of the yellow roses (yellow roses are my favorite.) Roses were a favorite of my grandmother, as well, and she always had a few in bud vases around her house. They were so fragrant - I can almost smell them in my memory...

  12. Love all of the Roses... WOW!!!!! We love going to Biltmore in Summer and checking out their new Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses. We always get new ideas to put on our 'list' --so that we'll have them when we replace or add a new rose to our collection...


  13. How wonderful to have such a lovely park to explore. You must see something different and n=beautiful every time to go there. Those roses are gorgeous.

  14. I wish I could grow roses; these are lovely.