15 May 2014

The peacocks at The Strines Inn

Perhaps you might be wondering why this peacock is wandering around the countryside in a field that's meant for grazing sheep? In fact the peacocks are a feature of the Strines Inn which we visited during our morning out the other week.  Most of them stay on the rough ground behind the old buildings, but they're also allowed to roam freely in the nearby fields. It's Springtime so the peacocks strut around displaying their fine plumage. From time-to-time two or three of the birds twist and turn and the upper tail feathers of the 'train' shiver and shake as they're raised and fan out. They're probably competing with one another to show who is dominant in the group.

The Strines Inn was originally a small manor house built in the 13th century although most of the present day structure is 16th century. It became an inn in the 18th century.
The road widens into an open area which would have been the courtyard where the carts and coaches would have drawn up, the horses rested and the farmers or travellers received refreshments and perhaps a night's stay before the ongoing journey which involved a steep climb up the nearby hills and moorland tracks. Today it's a good place for walkers and cyclists to take a break.

There are good views of The Strines Reservoir and the hills of Bradfield Dale.


  1. Dear Linda - do take care of your eyes. Eyestrain is nasty, and received wisdom indicates resting them frequently when doing a lot of concentrated close work, either on screen or on paper! Not always easy to remember when one is in the middle of something, is it! I do hope yours get better soon. I've discovered recently that looking at the screen (i.e. playing Mah Jongg!) on my BH's laptop sends me to sleep!! But it would be a real tragedy to lose you from blogland because of eye trouble - I really enjoy all your posts (which I locate via Perpetua, not having started blogging for myself yet!!)
    Love your peacock pictures - I never catch them displaying, although this would be the best season for it, wouldn't it. Next time we're visiting BH's sister and brother in Rotherham we must try to find the Strines Inn - it looks gorgeous. I don't know that area at all well - when we're going to and fro we just stick to the main roads, either using the A57 to Ladybower and then down to Buxton and the A53 south, ending up on the M54 to Shrewsbury; or up towards Barnsley and across to Penistone and on to the Woodhead pass to join the M60 and M54, then south from Chester (we live in mid-Wales).
    Pax et bonum.

  2. Somehow it is incongruous to see Peacocks in the Yorkshire Dales, but having said that they look very much at home. You have captured the tail feathers beautifully - I love to see them open.
    Sorry to learn that your eyes are sore Linda - do take care and rest them.

  3. Wow, what a show!!! I'm sorry about all the eyestrain, Linda. Take care!

  4. The peacocks are so beautiful but their call is so mournful or plaintive. Hope you can now rest your eyes, Linda - sight is so very precious. Take care:)

  5. The peacocks are just beautiful, I love it when they display their feathers like that. I hope your eyes feel better soon. I now have to wear glasses for any close work and I can feel my sight deteriorating, I'm sure I'll need stronger lenses when I go for my next appointment.

  6. First off, lovely banner photo. My goodness!

    The peacocks are fabulous. The males make all the others look so dull and drab when they are dancing and flaring. I do hope your eyes get some much needed rest. Be good to yourself.

  7. Do not worry about blogging or visiting, resting your eyes between the things that you have to do is more important. Lovely to see what you have been up to of course. I don't think that I have seen so many peacocks in one place since I was a child on a trip to Brownsea Island and a peacock stole and ate whole with the wrapper and everything my mars bar! They were wrapped in paper back then. Take care of yourself and I hope that you get the paperwork sorted out. xx

  8. Hi Linda, The Strines Inn and area is GORGEOUS... Oh --how I love those peacocks... The males really are showing off, aren't they????? Do the females pay any attention to them????? ha

    The views are beautiful also... Beautiful!

  9. Oh goodness me! What a visual feast! I really enjoyed these pics, such glorious views, thanks for sharing them.xx

  10. The peacock is definitely beautiful and displaying for all the ladies to see.
    What a treat. I am not sure I have every seen the plumage spread fully open
    such as them.

  11. Dear Linda,

    What a beautiful place and seeing the peacocks strutting around - they really are pretty birds. When I was growing up not far from our home was a domain where there were big aviaries where peacocks were kept and we would often go and watch them - they always fascinated me.
    So sorry to hear about your eyes and do take care and have your been to the optician for a check up? do hope that they feel better soon.
    Happy Sunday and enjoy the new week

  12. I had no idea peacock feathers were that large. What a sight.