10 Apr 2014

Italy: a hill town in the Ciociaria region (part 2)

After the views of wide open spaces from the hilltop town walls of a local hill town, the walk through the narrow streets to the main piazza was quite a contrast.  There are interesting mosaics and murals to see along the way done by a local art academy and the little passageways, courtyards and old buildings add to the pleasure of a walk which takes you through different levels of the town.
I hope you enjoy the pictorial walk!

                                 The castle and palace from the promontory below.

One of the mosaics depicting the life of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The church in the piazza

I included this photo taken a few years ago
when there was a festival with musical entertainment.

The piazza was full of cars because of the Saturday market.
The evening before it would have been full of trestle tables and food stalls
as there had been a festival associated with St. Thomas Aquinas.

We had coffee in a little cafe in the piazza before returning home to our village.
      Everywhere along the way the mimosa trees were in full bloom.

 A map of the region in south Lazio (south of Rome)


  1. enjoy times off. 2 and the last one the vista is AMAZING and all the rest are just plain Fantastic.

  2. I love, love love this. What a wonderful post, and those mountains....stunning! Enjoy your break, I shall look forward to hearing what you have been up too.xxx

  3. Oh what an absolutely gorgeous town - beauty everywhere you look (or at least in every photo you took!) And the views......tutto e bella (sorry - grammar all over the place, I suspect!) 'Thou shalt not covet .....' in this case it's 'Thy neighbours' Italian place', I think! I just wish we were young enough to go back there - I fell in love with Italy in 1969 when I first visited (although I have to say that the hotel we stayed at in Rimini left a great deal to be desired, particularly in the way of food!), and even more so when we went to Assisi.
    You, like Perpetua, do have some lovely places to live in/near (and as we're only a few miles from P, in her Welsh incarnation, we, too live in a stunning area for views, so I oughtn't to be envious!)

  4. It's a very beautiful place. The streets have such character, love the warm muted colours, but the view from the town walls is just wonderful.

  5. I love these tours you take us on Linda. The scenes are always breathtaking:)

  6. Hello on a gorgeous, spring day in TENNESSEE. Wow---after the long and bitter winter we had this year, Spring is even more inviting and lovely.

    Beautiful photos from Italy... Love all of the art work around the area... We have Mimosa trees here --but ours looks a little different from the ones there.

    We are now home 'again' --after our 5th trip since the end of February.... Seems as if we visited five different states --although the trips weren't planned for that reason... ha... BUT--as I always say, it's great to be home... I did publish a blog post today--so check it out when you have time. Have a wonderful weekend. Sounds like you are as busy as I have been... Take care --and hurry back!


  7. Wonderful. I love those narrow, cobbled streets and the mosiacs are beautiful.

  8. What a terrific and intriguing world you live in. The mosaics are fascinating.

  9. I love to see the plants growing on the rocks, and the little plaques and the statues in the niches in the walls, all so interesting! xx

  10. Hi Linda,

    Such a charming and beautiful place and thank you for taking us along with you.
    Love the little cobblestone streets and all the quaint old buildings.
    Enjoy your time off and we look forward to your return.
    Take care and sending hugs

  11. Although I am more of an open landscape person I really enjoyed walking through the streets and sharing all the sights with you.

  12. Super photos, Linda. You capture so well the narrow, sloping streets and stairs which make these hill-towns so entrancing to explore. I love the way you show all the nooks and crannies with little treasures to discover - mosaics, statues, doors and balconies - and also the way the different levels of the town almost tumble down the hillside. A lovely post.

    Enjoy your time with your family and we'll see you when you're ready to return.

  13. Linda, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of such beautiful countryside and all the details of the pretty town. I like how in Europe buildings are allowed to show their age. I think it adds to their beauty and character. Love the doors! Have a wonderful break, Bess

  14. Beautiful Linda. I love to see these villages with their cobbled streets and surrounding countryside and I adore the architecture. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia x

  15. Now this is a beautiful walk. Love seeing the town square and can just envision the tables there.
    The mimosa blooming is quite lovely. The church is also beautiful! I must say everything is wonderful.

  16. This looks a lovely place. I love Italy and am way overdue another visit. Your post has gotten me thinking.