29 Apr 2014

Gardening in March and April

This is the corner of the garden which has undergone some changes in recent months because we wanted to create a seating area under the fig tree and a small vegetable plot.  
We've given up the allotment (plot for growing vegetables) that we've shared with our daughter as she's moving away from our neighbourhood and my husband felt it was too expensive to keep it on - the council have increased the rent considerably from last year. Our daughter was one of the first to clear her plot, which was covered in brambles, as she could access it from her back garden.  The grandchildren had a play area there when they were younger and as it was very secluded it was a good place to have a picnic. Of course my husband could grow a lot of vegetables on this large plot, but now he wants something more manageable.  Our other children have allotments so we shall continue to enjoy seeing what they're growing in theirs.


The peas and broad beans were planted out at the end of March. There was a hailstorm just afterwards, but thankfully no damage was done to the young plants.

More vegetables will be planted out when the soil warms up.  There's a rhubarb crown in a corner and a box for composting.

The covered yard between the house and the double garage is another good facility for growing vegetables, saplings from seed and storing plants during the colder months. There are two types of tomato -San Marzano Lungo (long) and San Marzano Romano (plum), Cuore di Bue and Tigerella and some sweet peppers, French, Runner and Borlotti beans.

                                                        Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus)

                                            The peach sapling grown from a stone is now outside.

An orange tree grown from a pip.  There's also a white fig cutting. (The one in the back garden produces black/purple figs).

There are other plants in the plastic 'greenhouse' and tubs of leek and garlic by the garage wall.

This is the other end of the garden.  Behind the hedge is a rough area which is good for the wild life.

                                                              Pear blossom

                              Our pear tree and neighbour's cherry in blossom at the end of March.

                                          These are the flowers in our garden at present.

                                                    Pansies and Mossy Saxifrage



                                                  Tulips - a favourite Spring flower

                                                      Saxifrage (London Pride)

Although our garden is small it's lovely to have one especially now that the days are sunnier and it's possible to sit out for a while.


  1. What a lovely spot to enjoy your beautiful flowers! You have so much in bloom already (compared to my Midwest garden). Thanks for sharing the photos, so I can get an early start to enjoying spring! -Beth

  2. Your garden is just wonderful and about the same size as ours.
    Yes, as we get older it is easier to have a smaller garden, but
    still have a garden for sure. So far we have garlic, kale, and fennel.
    We have marigolds and tomatoes in pots to plant soon. Happy

  3. Your garden is beautiful! I have no idea of the size, but it looks as though you are making the most of every square inch! So many lovely things you have growing, I am especially in awe of the fruit trees that you have grown from pips, that is amazing. Hope that you get lots of lovely produce and have hours of fun out there this summer. xx

  4. I would love to have the space provided by an allotment, but working in a vegetable plot within my own garden is so very convenient, even if I do need to be a bit more choosy about what I grow. Your garden is looking beautiful Linda, enjoy!

  5. Looks like things are well under way there. You are so much further ahead of us, but we had a late spring and the harsh winter has nearly killed my ivy and roses. Hopefully they will recover. The only thing I have coming up right now is my salad greens and kale, but that is a start. Soon all the other veggies will go in. Love all your beautiful flowers and that lovely hedge.

  6. It looks like everything's growing well, your tomatoes are looking very healthy, and quite large already. It will be convenient having everything to harvest on your doorstep rather than having to make a trip to the allotment.

  7. your garden is perfect and i would snap myself silly with all those beautiful flowers. i might just look into a plastic green house for bob... we have a great place for one.. love the kitty on the bench and all your beautiful flowers.

  8. Oh Linda,

    You have been busy in your garden and it all looks lovely. You should have an abundant supply of fruit and veg this year. Mine still seems to be waking it up after it's winter sleep.

  9. Your garden is magnificent. xoxo

  10. Your garden is lovely Linda! I love to see all those pretty flowers.

  11. Wow, Linda! You two are AMBITIOUS! And everything looks so healthy. Love the sunning cat on the bench :)

  12. You've been busy! I wish my garden looked just a fraction as nice as yours. All the warn wet weather means that everything is growing like mad here ... but it's all a bit chaotic. Jx

  13. voila un jardin bien fleuri
    et une promesse de légumes pour l'été
    en Normandie ( France ) nous avons beaucoup d'orages aussi
    c'est tellement humide que les fleurs courbent la tête
    bonne journée
    edith (iris)

  14. So much beauty there, a feast for the eyes. I admire the results of your labor and your ambition.

  15. Your backyard garden is just wonderful. What a variety of sights and colors and textures. So much going on in that plot of ground. So unlike my backyard. And a fig tree, to boot. Love the Black Mission fig as we call that variety here in California.

  16. Linda, your garden is gorgeous! So much beauty here.

  17. It all looks amazing Linda and so well cared for. There is much pleasure in a garden and you have certainly squeezed a lot in.

    Thank you for visiting me - I wish I knew the way forward, especially now my partner has told me how much a move is going to cost us!

  18. Everything is coming along beautifully. I have a fig tree planted out but I've recently read that it's better to keep them contained in pots if you want fruit so it's good to hear you get fruit from yours.....and that you can take cuttings, I must give that a go. I love your orange tree grown from a pip, I imagine that requires patience though.xxx

  19. A lovely post, Linda, and your small garden is producing a wealth of lovely flowers under such expert management. It'#s a pity you've had to give up your allotment, but you should get a good crop from such a well-planned smaller plot in any case. Happy gardening. :-)