31 Mar 2014

A good day out

I'm taking a break from writing about our recent time in Italy to share about the lovely day out we had yesterday with our local daughter.  It was Mothering Sunday, a day in the Christian calendar (traditionally the 4th Sunday of Lent) and now more commonly known and celebrated as Mother's Day here.
I had lots of lovely presents of flowers and chocolates, some pretty cards and several phone calls from the children and grandchildren and our local daughter cooked lunch before taking us out for a drive in the countryside.  We headed for Monsal Dale and Monsal Head, a popular beauty spot in Derbyshire stopping for a wander around the interesting village of Tideswell with a church which is known as 'The Cathedral of the Peaks'.
The day was cloudy with some mist over the hills so not good for photography, but the views from high up on Monsal Head looking down Monsal Dale and up the Wye Valley with the river and viaduct below were still spectacular.
The old route of the Midland Railway formerly crossed the river over the viaduct and then carried on by way of a tunnel through Monsal Head and is now part of the Monsal Trail.

       Some of my presents - tulips, a shrub (skimmia japonica), pots of jam and chocolates.

                                             Tideswell Parish Church, Derbyshire

                             An angel and rose bush on one of the stalls in the chancel

I've wanted to visit Tideswell for quite a while.  St. John the Baptist Church, the parish church of Tideswell was very interesting with many beautiful wood carvings especially on the choir stalls and we shall go back and spend more time there when we have the opportunity.

We enjoyed a tea-time treat of tea or coffee with cake (slices of orange spice cake, chocolate cake and scones with strawberry jam and cream) in the tea rooms and craft shop with picture gallery on Monsal Head.....

....and then a last look at the view before heading back home.


  1. Pictures of Monsal Dale and Tideswell take me back to my childhood - what a lovely day you spent with your family, and tempting cakes at the end of it all.

  2. What a lovely way to spend your day! The tulips are such a beautiful shade of pink, and how lovely to have a plant as well that you can enjoy all year round! xx

  3. Oh Linda - just beautiful. I so want to move there and plop myself down in the midst of all that beauty and history. Happy Mother's Day to you - I'm sure it was perfect.

  4. Hi Linda,

    How wonderful that you had a happy Mothers day with your family - tulips, chocolates and cake and tea and a drive in the gorgeous countryside. The last photo looks so tranquil and beautiful.
    Happy week

  5. That last photo is an idyllic setting-- quaint and serene. Lovely gifts.

  6. Happy Mothering Sunday, Linda. Neither George nor I have ever heard of this... Sounds like your family gave you a wonderful Sunday. What a beautiful drive you had.. I love that big church..Beautiful.

    Maybe Spring is finally coming to our area this week... I hope so since it has been a LONG winter and a crazy one!!!!


  7. What a lovely day you had on Mothering Sunday Linda. The weather was gorgeous and your walk looked very pretty and a stop at the tea shop well deserved.
    Patricia x

  8. Looks like you had a fantastic mothers day this year, and your photographs are stunning.

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Lovely gifts, lunch cooked by your daughter, a trip out and yummy cake, it sounds like my kind of Mother's Day.

  10. I like ALL of your presents.. beautiful and yum... and the last view is my favorite. what a stunning view that is and the mist makes it look even better to me... the church is amazing... a special day in honor of mothers.

  11. Oh, lovely two of my favourite places. My husband's early ancestors come from Tideswell and there is a street, a house and a school all sporting the family name and a fine brass monument to one of them in the church. So glad you had such a super day out on Mothering Sunday:)

  12. Gorgeous! But you know me, I loved seeing your tea best of all. It makes me want to bake a sponge cake and have some tea right now. What lovely gifts you received for Mothering Day.

  13. Derbyshire is stunning. Glad you had a lovely day!

  14. What a lovely day and what lovely gifts!