11 Feb 2014

Looking forward to Springtime

The snowdrops are always a welcome sight.  I had hoped to return to 'the church in the woods' at Babworth Church in Nottinghamshire last weekend (where my great grandfather Charles is buried) as there are usually masses of them flowering in the woodlands at this time of year and there's a special 'snowdrop weekend' organised, but it was so cold we didn't venture out there. Instead we were pleased to get to our own church on Sunday where there were beautiful clumps of the little flowers nodding their heads in the wind all along the path up to the church door and under the trees.  The snowdrops that had been planted in the form of a cross were also blooming. We also have snowdrops in our garden and other bulbs are now shooting up. The vines will soon be budding in Italy.
Parts of the pergola that holds up the vines may need attention. Bushes always need trimming and the grass has to be kept short. We won't mention the slope to the land at one side of the house!

Hopefully there will be some sunshine and the fruit and other ornamental trees will be in blossom everywhere.  


Views of the mountains to the south and our neighbourhood farmland.
We'll go into our local hill towns to shop and browse around the weekly markets.

It'll be chilly in the evenings so we'll sit by the fire if we're not visiting family using our store of wood which fuels the wood burning stove and central heating. I have plenty of books to read and usually keep some piece of cross stitch work in my sewing basket to do.  I can only manage simple embroidery and large cross stitch or tapestry work these days which I usually buy from specialist shops or from the market when we're over in Italy.