25 Feb 2014

A little touch of blue sky!

It has been uplifting to see some sunshine and blue skies in the last few days so off we went to the nearby Damflask Reservoir for a short walk at the Loxley Valley end where the water outlet flows into a stream and then the river.

snowdrops beside the water

the overflow outlet and the old watch towers

Across the other side of the bridge the water flows into a channel that drops down the hill into the River Loxley.

From a lane in Loxley Valley you can see the sharp drop of the stepped water channel.

 Daffodils were in full bloom on this sheltered bank - the bright yellow could be seen from several viewing points across the fields.

Back over the bridge we walked up the hill passing two farmsteads before returning to the main road. (Across the road is one of our local nursery/garden centres).

Thank goodness the weather is a lot better for the city school holiday this week.  Our Berkshire daughter had hers last week, but unlike other break-times she didn't come up to Yorkshire as planned, partly because of the flood situation in her area which has made local travel conditions difficult and also the reluctance to drive a long distance in stormy weather.
Our local daughter will be taking her holiday next and I'm going to take another blogging break although I wanted to drop by this week and say 'hello' and share this walk with you.
Also still thinking of those still caught up in the flooding situation and extreme weather conditions.

A happy St. David's Day to all my friends from Wales and those with Welsh connections!


  1. Thank you for taking us along on this marvelous walk Linda. Your photos are once again outstanding. We have no daffodils blooming around my area yet. Yours look delightful! Enjoy your blogging break :)

  2. Your rolling hills are so beautiful Linda and you have a touch of green too. I am so jealous you have daffodils already. Ours don't dare poke their heads out of the ground because the temps for the next 10 days are below freezing and again in the single digits, with snow of course. It still feels like mid-winter here, but then our daffodils don't bloom this early anyways. We might have snow drops by now, but not this year. Enjoyed your pretty photos and have a nice break. My wrist is better and I'm taking my stitches out today.

  3. Lovely walk Linda and beautiful photos. Enjoy your break and see you soon :-)
    Patricia x

  4. perfect pastoral beauty and i very much enjoyed the walk via slide show... the fields of daffodils oh MY... and that path makes me want to wander

  5. Lovely all most Spring photographs. The weather is still a bit brisk around our way but a lot better than it has been of recent weeks. Our Daffs are all flowering which always makes me feel that Spring is just a moment away.


  6. Lovely to see the fields of daffodils, they look beautiful en masse like that.

  7. I just loved seeing the water and a blue sky, what a wonderful walk......spring seems to have arrived. Have a good break and I'll see you mid march.xxx

  8. So lovely to see the blue sky and the daffodils - such a cheery sight:)

  9. Hi Linda,

    You must be enjoying seeing the blue sky and sunshine and all the sweet snowdrops and daffodils. Must be the most enjoyable place to go walking and I loved seeing your photos of the picturesque place where you live.
    Enjoy your blogging break and I look forward to your return.

  10. What lovely photos Linda, especially the daffodils and the snowdrop sitting beside the water. Have a lovely break.

  11. As always, thank you everyone for your kind comments.

  12. hello Linda
    des images pleines d'espoire pour ce renouveau printanier
    du ciel bleu des jonquilles
    et cette campagne merveilleuse qui nous évoque toujours les auteurs comme Jane Austen

  13. What gorgeous photos, Linda. The countryside reminds me very strongly of the area of Lancashire where I grew up, with its stone cottages and field walls. The daffodils are much further ahead than ours. Enjoy your break.

  14. Your blue theme for this post is positively delicious! What a trip :)

  15. What a lovely place to visit, so beautiful. can't believe those daffodils already in full bloom!!

  16. Daffodils, snowdrops, and blue skies, how utterly wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of Spring time.

  17. It is so cheering to see these first signs of spring when one is out for a walk now. Thankyou for your wishes for St David's Day, a special day for me not just as I am here in Wales but also it was my beloved husband's name. Off to take a look at what you have been reading recently now. Enjoy your break. :)

  18. What a sight to behold. I especially like the clumps of daffodils.

  19. Truly beautiful! Enjoyed your walk immensely! Blessings, Bess

  20. Hi, We are home from a wonderful trip to Arkansas with friends. Photos tomorrow!!!!!

    Hope you have had a great week. Definite signs of spring in your area. We saw some Daffodils in bloom when we were in Arkansas --but nothing here yet. In fact, winter is coming back to us! Darn! ha


  21. I so enjoyed going on this walk with you. I've never been to your country, but so look forward to it. I've heard of your floods and would appreciate it if you shared some of that rain. Here in Central Texas, we are greatly in need of rain to fill our lakes. Enjoyed my visit.

  22. Linda, your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them! I so enjoyed this tour!