30 Jan 2014


January has been a challenging month for so many of us because of the extreme weather.  It seems ages since I took the above photo when we went out to High Bradfield and even then the blue skies were intermittent and ever since it has been wet and windy or dry and dull.

If you're a rambler this is the way to get over those high walls when using an official footpath across country.

For us the country lane is the only way - driving and stopping, exploring for a while, reflecting on the rural landscape not far from the outskirts of the city.

As well as waiting for better weather, I'm waiting for better health.  I've been staying indoors in the warm, resting and taking the prescribed antibiotics for the head cold etc. that has been recurring since the beginning of the month.  The rest is also helping the swollen knee joint problem.  Being unable to meet up with friends, participate in my daytime interest groups and my monthly reading group evening hasn't been so good, but I have been doing quite a lot of reading of some very good novels from my pile of owned books or library reservations. I'm planning to read the Brother Cadfael Chronicles in order over the year, some of which I read long before the film drama series was made. (I've since seen one or two of the dramas - very good - although I do enjoy the detail of the original novels). I've been reading another series of mystery fiction set in the present day with a monk investigator written by William Brodrick. Then I've the last in the series of the C.J. Sansom Tudor series (Heartstone) to read.  Some time soon I hope to be doing a post about visiting the places of the period C.J. Sansom mentions in  'Sovereign', which features the city of York, using photos from my archive.

Looking out of the window it has started to snow!  Let's hope it will be a light sprinkling.
I hope all is going well wherever you are and especially send Happy Chinese New Year greetings to all my Chinese friends!


  1. So sorry to hear you've been unwell Linda. You are doing the right thing though by the sound of it. Rest now and you will be fit and ready for when the better weather arrives. Snow.. oh goodness. The landscape around you is so beautiful.

  2. Please don't send the snow my way, I'm hoping that we can have a year where we escape it. Sorry to hear that you're under the weather, I hope you're feeling much better soon, though an enforced rest does give time to catch up on things you've been meaning, or wanting, to do for a while. It sounds as though you've got plenty to keep you going on your reading pile. I look forward to seeing the photos of York from your archive, such a lovely place.

  3. no snow here... i wish we had those stone walls with the ladders over them. i do love those walls.. hope the meds will get you back to health soon. the good thing is reading can be done sick or not and is perfect for when our joints are not working properly

  4. Prayers for you... Having inclement weather and health problems at the same time --especially in winter---is not FUN. Bless your heart... Hope you feel better soon and hope your weather improves soon.

    We have had a very frigid January this year --with temperatures BELOW zero several times... I'll be so glad when warmer weather gets here.

  5. Stay warm, Linda! It's been cold and dreary here for two days. Nature has bestowed two days of steady rain which our thirsty state has needed...it will certainly help the low water table and my plants are loving it out there :) But I'm ready for the sun. My brother and I are planning a date at a beachside restaurant in a week. Hopefully, there will be a lovely sunset...

  6. Get better soon Linda - I think we all need a good dose of some spring sunshine. Take care and look after yourself.

  7. How I would love to be a rambler there.
    I have heard of these public paths through fields
    and thought how wonderful if we had them here.
    In a way my neighborhood has paths in the city,
    as down the middle of the city blocks there are
    narrow paths or for some a car could slowly drive
    between the houses. Sometimes in the warm months
    when we are behind our house we see people walking or
    biking by, sometimes stopping for a chat. It is very unusual
    for our city and only in this area. I love it.

  8. Sorry that you have not been feeling well, if is horrid at any time but it seems worse somehow at this time of year. I hope that you are better soon, staying in and reading and looking after yourself is probably the best thing you could have done. Remember, the best things come to those who wait. xx

  9. Hope you feel well again soon, Linda so that you can go out and about again when the weather improves. We drove back from Derbyshire yesterday through a winter wonderland of snow dusted trees and dry stone walls. It did look very pretty but we were thankful to be in a warm car and also thankful it wasn't settling on the roads. Do take care:)

  10. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I read the Cadfael books many years ago but have recently thought about revisiting. This may be a challenge for another year.

  11. Snow???? Sighs....hopefully it will be a light dusting. I know what you mean about the rain, I'm so sick of being endlessly soaked and there seems no end in sight at the moment. Still, it's lovely to see a blue sky in your pics and there are some lovely views there. I smiled looking at the ladder....how would you get a big dog over that??? It's the same in the Lakes, we often come across strange ladders.
    You poor thing, I understand how awful having a cold is, I've had one since Boxing day, and just as it finally got better I've now got another. Get well soon and enjoy your book, some interesting reading there.xxx

  12. Hope you're feeling better soon Linda - January is such a long month for some reason and I for one will be glad to see the back of it. I've just finished C J Sansom's "Dissolution" and loved it. I have Heartstone, Dark Fire and Sovereign waiting in the wings to read. Have a good weekend. x

  13. We had snow Thursday too but it didn't amount to anything. I hope your health soon im,proves and also the weather...I am so ready for the seasons to change!!

  14. Hello dear Linda
    Oh Linda,I can understand how Winter has done it's dash for you.... especially when the ailments prevail. Spring is imminent and soon you will have the sheets of bluebells in the woods, I would so love to see - it's on my bucket list!!
    These are lovely photos of High Bradford. As you take us on your jaunts of the English countryside I like to google the place names and see if we have been in the vicinity on our travels to the UK. I couldn't find High Bradford!
    I clicked on your last image and it was worth it - the light catching on the hills is wonderful, even in the far distance. I can understand why painters wanted to paint these scenes on to canvas.
    Take care, next time the sun's out, pull a chair up by the window and dream of Spring!

  15. Take good care of yourself - rest that knee so you're ready to walk again when the weather changes!

  16. I love to look out and see blue skies. Your photos are a treat. I hope the antibiotics work fast and that you will be back to 100% strength quickly.

  17. Sorry to hear that you've been unwell, Linda, and that it's dragging on. Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time. I love and have read and reread all the Brother Cadfael books, but have yet to try C J Sansomm, so I'm grateful for the recommendation.