8 Jan 2014

Looking forward

I've been away in my home county over the New Year holiday period visiting family and friends and now back I would like to thank you all for your greetings and good wishes for 2014.

Most of our time over the holidays has been spent indoors due to the bad weather, but now back home and with the glimmer of improved weather I've managed to get out for a walk in the local park and visited the library despite a painful knee joint which has slowed me down in recent days. Hopefully the knee problem will settle down and I'll be able to take up my love of walking again and share some of the beauty of our surroundings with you during the coming months.

In many parts of the UK we've been battered by storms and there are drastic changes to our landscapes and coastal shoreline as trees have crashed to the ground and familiar rocky outcrops, cliffs and sea roads have taken a pounding and disintegrated, whole acres of countryside look like vast lakes and lanes are like rivers, but we've been more fortunate where we live.  The pink roses from our garden (above) together with some white ones from the supermarket looked fresh and pretty indoors over the Christmas period and other plants that usually appear in a month or two are shooting up already.
Here are some of the sights I saw yesterday on my short walk by the library in the park - a place I'm never tired of visiting.

Seeing the different aspects of new life in the walled garden next to the library filled me with hope for the coming days in the new year.  The garden is tended by community volunteers and although I'm not one of them I do appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to maintain the flower beds and other areas so that others can enjoy this public facility.  We have plans for travel in the first quarter of 2014 which we're looking forward to, but it's also good to know that there are places on our doorstep that provide pleasurable experiences. I hope that this is the same for you. 

However, the last days of 2013 were overshadowed by news from Italy that my husband's oldest sister had fallen and damaged her lower back. We were thankful to hear that she came through an operation and she's now recovering in a local clinic near her home. As you can imagine, we're very much looking forward to a time in Italy with the family in the Spring. 


  1. It's the swelling buds and promise of flowers that is keeping me going at the moment. The weather down here has been awful, not even a glimpse of blue sky in the last few days. I hope your knee feels easier soon Linda. Take care.

  2. you already know how much i love that walled garden, these are just perfect.. that pink wall just makes me feel happy when i see it, i love the double collage, the green door in the wall and the arch. just gorgeous. i do know about the family scattered in other places. sorry to hear about all that storm damage, i am sure you have seen the horror of weather here in the US, not for us in FL but in other places... all weather related.

  3. How wonderful to have a library in the park, how well those two things sit together. I'm amazed at your pink rose, fancy having that so late in the year! I loved your pics and that little robin is adorable.
    I'm glad to hear your sister-in-law is on the mend and I hope your knee gets better soon. Let's hope our weather improves soon.xxx

  4. Sorry to hear about your sister in law Linda, I do hope that she makes a full recovery and soon. Hope that your knee gets better soon too. Lovely to see you back with us, and thank you for the little walk to the library! xx

  5. It feels like spring when I visit here today. The winter is being a bit melodramatic this year and I will welcome some warmer days. I appreciate the beauty you share.

  6. So nice to see your beautiful roses. I can't believe you have them blooming in the winter time. We've just come through some of the coldest weather we've had in 20 years. It was -12F (-24C) at the coldest point with howling winds and severe wind chills. All schools and colleges were closed for two days and the colleges almost never close around here. The weather is warming a little every day and will be up to 46F by Saturday and we'll think we're in the tropics after that cold weather. They said on the news that all 50 states in America had below 32F (0C) yesterday and that is unheard of. We all just burrowed in to keep warm. Some places had lots of snow and blowing snow to go with the cold temps. We were most lucky here to only have a dusting of snow and not have to shovel in those frigid temps. The weather here can be so extreme, which makes it hard to adjust.
    Hope your knee gets better for you. I know how you love your walks and I enjoy you sharing them with us.

  7. So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law Linda and I wish her a speedy recovery. Gorgeous roses and lovely scenes. We are not so bad off as much of the country but still look forward to the warmer weather. I do feel my joints a little more, one of the reasons I look forward to Spring, that and the flowers that I miss so much. Hope your knees feel better soon. Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Linda, Your flowers are lovely. I do like having fresh flowers around my cottage even on the gloomiest of days they always bring a little bit sunshine in. Sorry to hear about your sister in law, like you say it's never easy when families are dotted around the UK and even harder for you if they are abroad. Hope your knee improves soon ready for trips to the library.

  9. Hope that your SIL continues on the good road to recovery.
    Spring time in Italy what could be better - it will be such a tonic following our stormy winter.
    Your photos are lovely - not looking at all wintery - I am surprised too that my pot geraniums are still in flower.

  10. Hope that your sister in law continues to improve and that your knee gets better soon. I sympathise regarding your knee as I have a similar problem especially when going up and down stairs or steps! Your walk in the local park looks lovely and so much colour there to enliven these dull days:)

  11. Nice to see you again Linda and so sorry to hear about your sister in law. Hope she continues to improve to a healthy recovery. Lovely photos of your walk to the library. Have a good weekend.
    Patricia x

  12. I hope your knee gets to feeling better so that you can keep up your walking. Flowers growing already do brighten a day, don't they? Prayers for Mr. P's sister that she has a full recovery.

  13. Dear Linda,

    Have been thinking of you with the bad weather and storms you have been having over there and glad that you are safe.
    Loved seeing the beautiful photos of around your place - always lovely to see where you live.
    sorry to hear about your painful knee joint and hope you feel better and also prayers for your husbands sister, hope she will make a good recovery. The distance can be hard, as I know it is when we visit my family who live a way, away.
    Take care and sending hugs

  14. tout mes voeux de convalécense pour votre belle soeur
    je vous souhaite une merveilleuse année pleine de joie et de santé
    à bientôt

  15. Hope your husband's sister is improving each and every day.
    I have been taking one day a week since Fall to visit my invalid
    aunt. She is 93 years old and not doing very well. I am driving
    one hour each way, so I try to make an occasion of it.

  16. Linda, i do hope your SiL's back and your knee continue to improve. i can't believe there are so many plants in flower in January, yet our daughter has yellow roses in her garden in North Yorkshire. The north and east certainly came off more lightly this time, for which I'm sure you;'re very grateful.