1 Dec 2013

Preparing for Christmas: Advent

Today on the first Sunday of Advent, a season of hope and a time of spiritual journeying
towards Christmas, the first candle is lit on the Advent wreath.
  Remembering God is ever-present with me, the days of Advent help me focus on Jesus
in preparation for the celebration of his coming among us, the gift of the Holy Spirit
and the coming of Christ's Glory at the end of time.

Good and gracious God, you know how much clutter fills my mind and heart these days. Help me pay attention to your presence in my life.  Help me look for and find opportunities this Advent to become more aware of how much you touch my life each day. Help me to have faith and hope in you. Amen.
 Advent prayers and meditations,  'The Lord is Near'   Henri J.M. Nouwen.



  1. So lovely to see your Advent wreath Linda. You have made it look most beautiful. xx

  2. A lovely advent wreath Linda - I like the purity of the candles surrounded by the berries and leaves that symbolise Christmas.

  3. Beautiful way to begin the Advent season. Your wreath is so festive.

  4. beautiful post an prayer, thank you for the reminder

  5. This is exactly the message we heard from the pulpit today?
    You have a lovely Advent wreath. Happy First Sunday of Advent, Linda!

  6. P.S. I meant to put an exclamation point at the end of my first sentence....NOT the question mark!

  7. What a beautiful post. I simply love your advent wreath, so calming.xxxx

  8. This is my favourite season of the year.
    Advent, a time of waiting in anticipation and expectation for the arrival of Our Lord and Saviour.
    I am creating some quiet times in each day of December to reflect on the wonder and true meaning of Christmas.
    It is too easy to get caught up in all the hullabaloo of the season - this year I hope I can keep that side of things on the fringe.
    A beautiful wreath Linda and a wonderful quote from Henri Nouwen - I'm inspired by his writing.
    I have his book 'In Memoriam' about the death of his mother - it was a comfort to me when my mother died.

  9. Wishing you much health and happiness over the coming advent. x

  10. Beautiful post Linda, your advent wreath is lovely!

  11. Beautiful Advent wreath, Linda!
    I remember the sense of anticipation during childhood, when the first candle was lit. It is still the same. ;-)
    Wishing you a peaceful Advent,

  12. A prefect start to Advent, Linda. I love the combination of image and prayer.