10 Dec 2013

Advent II

Another Advent candle was lit on our advent wreath on Sunday.
I've enjoyed seeing all your beautiful decorations around your homes in preparation for Christmas.

We've been concentrating on some maintenance work outside.  Now that the weather has improved after the storms of last week we've been washing down the garden slabs and the covered yard. Some fence panels have fallen down that separates our daughter's back garden from the allotment and it will take some time and effort to repair them and put them up again as the land is on a slope with steps down to the vegetable plot.

We haven't started decorating our rooms for Christmas yet apart from having a lot of candles around. I think the pot plants look pretty especially as they've started to flower again!  I'm going to keep things simple this year, although I shall enjoy decorating the Christmas tree by the end of the week with all the baubles and other decorations that have been collected over the years.

The stored pears are just right for eating now and half of them have been bottled and will be enjoyed over the next few weeks. They turned out to be a different variety than we thought we had got when we bought the tree a year or two ago - probably Bartlett from the shape and texture - so we're pleased with the outcome and the amount and soundness of the produce this year.


  1. Looks delicious, Linda....we had a pear tree once and our neighbors loved our gifts of pears. Now my son lives on the property and his wife preserves the pears. A lovely tradition.

  2. Happy Advent, Linda. I love the anticipation we feel during Advent!

    Bet those pears are delicious!! YUM..

    Had a nice service for Dad Adams yesterday --and got to see many old friends and family members. We also enjoyed a family lunch together. Dad is in a better place now… Thanks be to God.

  3. Hi Linda, the photos were lovely and the pears looked delicious!

  4. Your geranium looks as though it is very happy on your windowsill! xx

  5. Simple decorating is often more effective. It's what I try to do. Enjoy putting up your tree!

  6. Hi Linda,

    The geranium and candles are so pretty and your preserved pears will be great over winter - have not put up my decorations yet.
    Was thinking of you when I saw how bad the weather has been over there.
    Enjoy the week

  7. The pears all bottled up look beautiful.
    I have some pears I am impatiently waiting to ripen.
    They just are not cooperating.

  8. des poires du jardin ??
    une déco simple et charmante , j'aime beaucoup
    edith (iris) France

  9. yum on those pears.. mother used to can them to.. then in the winter months she would bake them like apples and make pear crisp... the flowers are beautiful and have fun with your baubles

  10. Linda, this is such a lovely series of photos...and those pears look divine!

  11. Photo's are lovely Linda. Hope you find a little time to relax over the next week before Christmas is uppon us.

  12. Your advent wreath is lovely and those pears look delicious. I've put out just a few things around the house but like you will probably decorate the tree this coming weekend:)

  13. I simply love to see homehome food bottled....it's just so darn pretty and far more appetizing than shop bought! I shall look forward to seeing your tree.Enjoy1xxx

  14. Mmm, bottled pears. :-) Your Advent wreath is lovely and I'm glad you've been able to do so tidying-up outside after the dreadful weather