5 Dec 2013

A change in the weather

Yesterday I went to the library in the park to take back some books on loan that were due in and collected a couple of others that I had requested.  Thankfully, the requested books that I've been waiting in a queue for have got an extension on them for the holidays.
The weather was good so I walked through the walled garden and took one or two photos, but didn't stay long as my husband often drops me off in the car and then goes and does other things before picking me up and I knew that he would be waiting for me.
A volunteer garden group was busy in the greenhouse area and the colour of the variegated greens, the brown hues and the structure of the plants still looked attractive against the mellow, old brick walls and the red/terracotta colour of the plastered and painted one.

I'm glad that I went out when I did yesterday as by the evening the weather had drastically changed.
Today is wet and very windy, which will be difficult for those commuting to and from work.  I feel for those who have to go out in this bad weather. Coastal areas are being exposed to high winds, driving is very hazardous and there's a strong possibility of flooding.

The pears that we stored away to ripen are ready to eat and we're also going to bottle some this afternoon as we had a good number of them this year.  Cold weather food is on the menu in our house.  One-pot meals and soups are the best as the quantities can be adjusted for two or for more, depending on how many are around our table.  We're using the last of the fresh tomatoes and the peppers as well as the onions or leeks, stored potatoes and borlotti beans that were bagged and frozen last month. Minestrone is the favourite in our family because our local daughter is a vegetarian and we use whatever vegetables are to hand. With the added beans, potatoes and soup pasta and topped with Parmesan cheese brought back from our nephew's deli in Italy it's a substantial and nutritious meal. The recipe below is another version in one of my cook books of Italian recipes where I get lots of ideas to supplement my basic repertoire.  I've been taught by my husband and members of his family - all good cooks. The bonus is that he's keen to cook and we take turns in the kitchen!


  1. the garden is wonderful with the sun-shining on it and you know i love that red wall... the last collage looks so warm and inviting.

  2. I hope the flooding doesn't happen and the weather clears soon.
    We are having a dry week, but very, very cold.
    My husband and I also share cookiing, but nothing that looks so
    good as this. Oh yummmm! And the pears would be love to have
    right now too. I will be buying some pears today, as I want some dried
    slices for a tea party. Your walk looks lovely too. I loved seeing the
    contrasts in colors.

  3. Cold weather food you just can't beat it and yours looks so inviting. I live not far from the coast and some of the houses there have had to be evacuated just in case tonight. So its batton down the hatches and make sure you have plenty of bits in the fridge and candles in the cupboard just in case we loose power.

  4. I think blue skies in December are a real bonus. Lovely pictures! Jx

  5. Such a contrast in the weather between today and yesterday. Today has certainly been a day to stop in if you can and your soup looks so delicious just right for this weather. Hope you stay safe and warm too:)

  6. Linda, how gorgeous is the garden! Great series of photos.

  7. There is nothing like soup on a cold winter day to warm you inside and out. Hope your weather improves, but at least you don't have to go out. I don't think I would mind winter if I could just hibernate and stay inside the whole time.

  8. I hope that you are safe and warm (with your lovely tasty soup) Linda. Lovely pictures of the gardens too. xx

  9. Thank goodness that wind has died down now. Your soup looks delicious, you can't been good hearty food on a cold winters day.

  10. The weather has been playing havoc in the middle of the USA this week...it's a mini-ice age!
    One-pot meals are perfect for this time of year and yours look so welcoming. Think I'll stir up my lentil soup for lunch today :)

  11. That yucca is amazing with it's glorious flowers. The best thing about being out in this weather is coming home to a bowl of hot soup.

  12. Oh my, being a veggie I would be totally spoilt in your house.....and home grown too. Marvelous stuff!

    I have a large yucca like the one you show, I've had it for years and this year for the first time it flowered, huge spikes of flowers that lasted for ages. Gorgeous it was.xxx

  13. There cetainly were some extremes in the weather. Your meal looks lovely, one pots are certainly the way to go for winter!!