11 Nov 2013

Quiet days

As we tidy up the November garden we cut the last of the flowers and bring them into the house to make posies. The lavender bush was trimmed and the flower heads hung in a paper bag ready to make lavender bags.  I shall cut up some old net curtains and find some ribbon trim, but at the moment I shake the paper bag every so often and enjoy the lavender perfume in the kitchen.

Some furniture has been passed down to us either when we returned from living in Italy or inherited from my mother and, therefore, of sentimental value, but I've been thinking of stripping the brown varnish off one particular piece - a dresser - and painting it.  I think we shall go to a specialist decor shop to get some advice this week. If we do anything with the dresser I'll show you the result!

Here is the rest of our time spent around Bradfield Dale on Thursday.  Low Bradfield is a pretty place to walk around and is just as popular with visitors as residence because of the streams that feed into the River Loxley and the dams, the playing fields, cricket pitch and community centre events.  Our grandchildren often go to the Saturday movie event for children and I like to browse around the arts and crafts fairs that are held there.

I've shown the village store before.  I've included this because as the cyclist went up the hilly lane to High Bradfield I thought of the plans that the nearby villages, including our own, are making for next year's Tour de France which is coming to Yorkshire and passing through the lanes where we live. Every community centre and other village facility has been asked to welcome the teams that will be coming to our area and provide refreshments and other support.

After sitting and looking at the view on the road to Ughill Heights I walked down the hill to take a closer look at the cattle who obviously wanted to take a closer look at me. Then we went on along the bottom road, passed the narrow end of Damflask Reservoir and then had a walk around the path by the wide expanse of water before returning home.


  1. You show us all this lovely English countryside Linda. I love looking at your photos. Thank you very much for sharing them.

  2. E' un grande piacere passare dal tuo blog, perchè ci sono solo cose belle e interessanti. Baci

  3. You still have such wonderful color there. We have a light layer of snow here.

  4. So pretty as always Linda. I have never used it, but I see on a lot of blogs that people do wonderful things with Annie Sloan paint on different furniture items, so if you wanted to go for a painted finish on your dresser that might be worth a look at perhaps? I am sure that whatever you decide - or not! - will be wonderful. xx

  5. Lovely photos. I love those rolling hills. They are so peaceful to look at. I can only imagine how much exercise you must get with walking all those hilly roads.

  6. Beautiful flowers… We still have Irises and Roses blooming --but a HUGE cold front is coming through tomorrow --and our temps will go down into the 20's… NOT sure any of our flowers will last much longer.

    Great place for a walk… I love seeing that countryside around there. What a gorgeous place. I'm ready to take a walk there myself!!!!!! ha


  7. Beautiful photos from around the reservoir Linda.
    We've stripped and painted a dresser and I was pleased with the results. It's a good idea to get some advice before starting though.

  8. You've taken some lovely photos around the reservoir. That looks a good, long, downhill stretch of road for the cyclists - unless they are cycling up it, of course! I love the posy of your last garden flowers:)

  9. I think the dresser would look lovely stripped, I'll look forward to seeing the results. Oh....what beautiful pics, nice to see a blue sky over blue water. Some wonderful roads there for the cyclists....how exciting to think they'll all be powering through your town.xxxx

  10. love love love the cows and the old store and that fence and its shadow is beautiful. i like all the beautiful pastoral scenes.

  11. I just love all the places you walk. Oh my, so beautiful!

  12. What a truly glorious walk that was, Linda. Your photos are super and the weather was obviously perfect. I look forward to hearing what you decide to do about that dress

  13. What great photos. That dresser is lovely. I wonder how you will change it? Love the water shots and the weather looks fantastic. These last days of Autumn are so precious.

  14. Incredible photos---all of them! I esp love the stream ones, the ones showing the lovely 'patchwork' fields, and that cool phone booth! :>)

  15. The last flowers from the garden are so special - how lovely to make your lavender sachets.
    The village photos are lovely Linda!
    Walking about there would be a real pleasure - such clear blue skies so I imagine the days are getting crisp.
    The Tour de France passed through my daughter's village a few years back! Like you they had been told well in advance so everything was well planned!
    I've not heard of them touring outside of France before.
    Quiet days are what I enjoy now too!
    Happy weekend
    Shane xox