1 Nov 2013

Half term holiday; this and that

We've been looking after our two local grandchildren this week although these days it's more a matter of taking them to supervised holiday activities and being generally available especially in the early mornings and at tea time.

It's been a quiet week at home, but since the unsettled weather had improved by Wednesday we went to the local garden nursery.

The last two photos were taken in November last year -
Christmas trees on sale and blue skies!
Hoping for the same weather this year!
There are so many mature trees growing between the displays of plants on sale that a walk around the nursery is always a pleasant way to spend an hour or two. We found that the items we decided to buy were cheaper than in the gardening department of our local Do-it-Yourself store and there was more variety. We bought some bags of slate pieces and some orange and purple pansies and dianthus (Diabunda Red Picotee) for our back garden project.

The former raised flower bed is an odd shape. It was inherited from the lady who lived in the house before us and we decided it would be easier to put down slate pieces rather than attempt more heavy and complicated work with cobbles or paving. We could do with another bag of them to get a better covering.  The next job is to power wash the paving and the other areas including the covered yard (which has been cleared of most of the pots of tomato and sweet pepper plants).

The pears were picked because of the threat of high winds at the beginning of the week, although they're not ripe. There are about twenty of them and they've been stored with the rest of the fresh produce and I will have to think how I will use them as we've never had this many on our young tree. Everything else has ripened and is being used fresh, frozen, bottled or dried.

My husband also picked the few bunches of grapes growing on the wall in the front garden and the above is the result.  The skins have been cleared out and the liquid is fermenting and there will be two or three bottles of wine when the process is complete.  

Gino sleeps most of the day away and who can blame him!

This is his secret world behind our cypress hedge and beyond (through the fence).


  1. Oh my, Gino does have himself a veritable jungle to explore...he's gorgeous!

    Love your new plants and MOST envious of your tidy garden. I hope all the plans go well. I'm enjoying the reformation.xxxx

  2. Hi There, I'm sure you have had a great week with grandchildren. Kids have so much energy and enthusiasm!!!!!

    We had high winds yesterday--so today I've been picking up a trillion sticks in the yard. AND--the leaves are coming down fast now. It's time to get out the blower and rake!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love looking round garden centres, whether in person or by photo journey, so thanks for taking me round yours! The new slate pieces area in the garden is looking good - how are you planning to use it? I forget if you already said - sorry! Hope you have a great weekend. xx

  4. You live in such an enchanted place, Linda! Thanks for another look around the garden...and I know what you mean about grandchildren...being around for the food but driving them to their activities and waiting to pick them up again :)

  5. Yes I prefer the garden centre to our local DIY store - much better plants too.
    It's one of my favourite things to do - sometimes I just look and write notes in my Garden notebook.
    Two of the nurseries near me have a cafe attached so I occasionally meet a friend for tea or coffee.

    Oh how lovely for you Linda having your grandchildren - that's what I dream about!
    My annual six week stint doesn't fill my boots enough for a year! It's now three months and I'm missing them so much.
    Have an enjoyable weekend

  6. Hi Linda,

    How lovely the weather has improved so you could get out and about with the grandchildren - it makes all the difference.
    The garden centre looks lovely and would be a place I would enjoy wandering around.
    Gino looks to have a great place to hide out for his naps in your beautiful garden. You will be looking forward to your wine - my Mother used to make wine from our grapes at home too.
    Happy weekend

  7. It is a great treat to have the grandchildren staying on their own with you.
    Your garden is looking very well organised for the winter ahead, we still have quite a lot of clearing up to do in ours before it is finally tucked up.
    Gino is a lovely contented looking cat.

  8. I love visits to nurseries, I can always pass a couple of hours just looking around. The garden seems to be coming along well. I could do with some pansies to brighten my garden up over winter, they're such hardy things that they look good even after being covered with snow. Cats always look so comfortable when they're sleeping, Gino's such a handsome boy.

  9. I admit that I have been pleased to be able to visit garden centres in the UK again, you will understand what I mean. :)

  10. those plants and that tree are aaaaaamazing... and i love the cats and the big bottle in the window. i would snap myself silly in that garden

  11. Like Gino our two cats spend most of the day curled up in a chair sleeping - sometimes popping out into the garden when the suns appears. Your pears look lovely and I'm sure that the wine will taste delicious - such a rich colour in the light from the window:)

  12. I love seeing the beautiful nursery set in such a lovely setting and surroundings.
    Your garden is so neat and tidy. My husband is the sort of gardener that if something
    comes up it is a living plant and should be saved; so our garden sometimes looks a bit
    messy. I love your nice garden with the pretty winter plants planted there.

  13. I'm sure you've had a lovely time with your grandchildren, Linda. Our elder grandsons come to us in the May half-term, so we've been quiet this week. Your garden alterations really are coming on well and that lovely nursery looks like a great place for ideas and materials. Here it's too wet even to set foot in the garden.

  14. I like your new header photo - very Autumnal! Jx

  15. Lovely photos. Gino is adorable!!!

  16. So pretty to see you have some new fall flowers. Do they last through the winter there or does it get too cold?
    I love pears and I'm jealous you have a pear tree. I bet they'll be scrumptious when they ripen and the wine too.

    1. The pansies should survive the colder weather. They do give some colour and are good value.

  17. I've missed my visits to your wonderful world. I especially enjoy the grape photo.