21 Nov 2013

Another interesting walk

I featured this wood sculpture a while ago when out for a walk on a dull day.  It also looks good against a blue sky.
This particular neighbourhood had other street art installed a year or two ago all made of recycled wood, including practical items such as the community notice boards with metal deer antler motifs.
One day recently I walked along one of the roads in the area for the first time after taking a different tram route from town. (The two local tram routes stop at the bottom of a hill and sometimes I have to continue my journey by bus or walk home).

My walk took me up hill as usual and I stopped by this bench not to sit down and rest, but to take a second look at the quirky design.  There was another on the opposite side of the road.

Then not far from the benches I passed a car that made me smile and the longer walk than usual was brightened up by these different sights.


  1. The bench is definitely interesting, but the little car made me smile.

  2. The sculpture is very unusual! The feet on the benches made me smile especially the webbed ones. The flowery mini would brighten up your walk too:)

  3. Well....what CAN I say???? What fabulous benches, they and that wonderful little car have me smiling too!xxx

  4. Loved the legs/feet on those benches… SO creative!!!!! And I always love wood carvings like that… So much talent it would take in order to do that!!!!

  5. I want to thank you for taking us on this lovely walk with you. Those benches were very interesting with their legs and feet, as was the carved sculpture and the rest of them.

  6. Dear Linda,

    How wonderful the photos of your longer walk are, love the legs on the benches and the cute mini.
    The sky is a beautiful blue and how pretty the town is where you live.
    Happy weekend

  7. LOVE the two benches, how cool is that?? and the car is so sweet. i sat in one when we were looking fo rmine, but i had to hurt my knees trying to get UP out of it

  8. Oh, I do like the swan's (?) feet on the bench, brilliant!

  9. Cute post. I love the duck feet bench. How original and it makes me smile.
    Looks like you still have some leaves on your trees. The majority of ours are down with a few "hanger oners" that refuse to let go. The end of leaf raking is in sight and that also makes me smile. Maybe 4 to 5 more hours of work and then I can put the rake and mower away for winter and get out the snow blower :)

  10. The benches are so cute, as is the car. What fun things to discover on your walk.
    I love walking, as you know, and finding the quirky and unusual things along the way.
    I think you must like this too.

  11. What fun sights ... those little benches with the feet are great.

  12. What a wonderful walk home. The benches are great. Recently my town have has a few wooden sculptures added but nothing in our village. I think I need to be talking to our parish council as these benches are so nice and would make anyone smile!!!

  13. Bellissima e piena di sorprese la tua passeggiata, sembra quasi che sei entrata in una favola. Buona domenica

  14. What great street art Linda. I love the idea of the benches with the feet - I just hope they don't wander off!!! xx

  15. Love those benches! Thanks for your comments on the Cadbury post, a coincidence you worked for them for a while!