23 Oct 2013

The garden in October

Yesterday we had a relatively dry day, although as you can see storm clouds were rolling over in the afternoon and by tea time another lot of heavy rain set in. It's been difficult to do much gardening during the recent wet weather so a fairly dry day was a welcome one in order to get on with a new project.

Do you remember our plans to re-arrange a corner of our small garden so that we could grow some vegetables in a plot rather than in between the plants and shrubs in the flower bed near the covered yard and also create a small seating area under the fig tree surrounded by plants in containers? We've started on this work (or to be more accurate, my husband has been busy and I've been watching and making suggestions)!

The small raised bed was too full this Summer as many of the plants had got too big and needed to be moved at the end of the flowering period. We were given a magnolia and a new box plant in August and we'll leave them in the pots until we decide where to put them.  The bench by the wall will be moved to make room for some tomato plants to be grown next year in containers.

The raised flower bed was cleared of plants.  The plastic 'greenhouse' has been moved to the paved area near the garage. Half of the paving slabs were taken up and stacked and the hard core underneath them dug out. This will be the vegetable plot.  A layer of soil was taken out of the raised bed and will be used in the vegetable plot.  The rubble and sand underneath the paving stones has been put in the raised bed and pressed down to create a foundation for the final surface layer. At the moment we're undecided what to use - cobbles, slabs, another type of paving material or small pebbles or slate pieces.

A few flowers and leaves give some colour in the rest of the garden this October.


  1. Gosh it looks as though you have been very busy indeed Linda. Lovely colour that you still have in the garden. xx

  2. It sounds like all change in your garden at the moment. I'm sure that having a dedicated vegetable plot will make all the difference next year, you'll be able to grow so much more.

  3. No chance for us to get in the garden - it rained the whole day. The autumn colours are lovely in your garden Linda complimented by the interesting skys-cape.

  4. Hee hee I liked your comment that you "supervised" . Sounds like me. We have also been re doing our back garden, we have changed it a number if times in the 9 years we have been here, so now getting it to how we want it.
    Good luck with the gardening, the sun is out this afternoon here and i am just thinking of going into the garden to do so,e dead heading, our standard roses still have buds in them.

  5. your garden was wonderful, i love both views in the second collage... you have a green thumb for sure.

  6. I would like to be in a supervisor role at the moment....everything seems to involve digging. Loevely to hear you're starting another veggie patch at home, and it's always great to have projects to be working on/xxxx

  7. That sounds like a lot of work, but it will be so worthwhile once the beg start to grow and you have your new seating area.

  8. Oh my! So much work, work, work!!!! But the results will be well worth it, I can see :)

  9. A labor of love I'm sure, so rewards to see the results. Your garden looks amazing!

  10. votre jardin est encore bien fleuri
    je vais tacher de planter des tulipes et 1 ou 2 rosiers
    puis mettre de la terre avec des engrais ( fumier de cheval + cendre de bois ) pour les iris et les rosiers
    ensuite se sera un repos bien mérité pour mon jardin
    edith (iris) France

  11. An Autumn garden is so beautiful, as it shine in the changing of the seasons and prepares to sleep for the winter.
    Your flowers are just wonderful.