9 Aug 2013

A garden of surprises

We are early risers and one of the first things my husband and I do is to take our breakfast tea and either sit in the covered yard or wander around the garden.  At this time of the year there's always something new; plants flowering, fruit and vegetables in different stages of maturity.
As well as growing seeds he has collected or he has been given, my husband sticks cuttings in pots. If I've been given a bouquet of flowers, especially carnations or even roses, he takes cuttings and they seem to flourish.

This carnation growing under the fig tree was a cutting from a gift of flowers.  There's also a creamy white one, but the flowers have died down now.

The roses that Mr. P, the live-in gardener, has grown in pots from similar cuttings are doing well.  This one I shall never know the name of since it was originally in a bouquet.
The first poppy that we think is 'Patty's Plum' has flowered.  Our daughter gave us some seeds and as she's coming to stay she will be pleased to see it.  They've been sown sparingly, firstly in pots before planting out, as it's easy to be overwhelmed by self setting seedlings later on.

A miscellany of images here:  Gino finds a cool and shady place to sleep during the day. Beans and other vegetables in planters and pots, herbs, garlic bulbs and a new vine in a pot are all part of our garden scene.  In the kitchen I found a butterfly resting on a fridge magnet with an image of a glass of wine and some grapes!  Happily it flew away out into the covered yard and then off into the garden.


  1. What a busy time you've got coming up. Good luck to your grandaughter, I hope she does very well in her Spanish exam and to your grandson too, how wonderful to be singing with the National Youth Theatre, you much be very proud. I love the idea of taking cuttings from bouquets you receive, it then becomes a gift which goes on giving. Happy birthday to Mr Gardener, my Hubby had a birthday mid August too. Enjoy the celebrations.

  2. your Mr Gardener is just like my Bobby Appleseed... he is always planting seeds from what ever he eats to cuttings of things. Gino looks so sweet in the sun. a lovely garden to wait for the day to begin.

  3. Oh, Gino reminds me so much of our dearly remembered Tom, he has almost the same markings and colourings. Mr Gardener sound very green fingered to be able to grow so many lovely flowers from cuttings. It sounds as if you have busy, happy family times coming up soon, I hope you enjoy yourselves:)

  4. Y'know, I NEVER have thought to take cuttings from flowers! I certainly will now, having looked at your successes! Wonderful post!xxxx

  5. Cuttings are such a good idea. My parents have a few things growing in the garden that they started from just a little cutting. We've come up to visit them this weekend and are thinking about taking a few cuttings back home!!

  6. Dear Linda,

    Isn't it so much fun when you can grow some new plants from cuttings - just yesterday I had some roses that had finished - dried some of the petals and planted some of the shoots and hopefully will grow into a plant.
    Love your pretty pink roses and the carnation.
    Glad that you are enjoying the summer and hope the weekend is going well

  7. Hi There, I'm back after a big birthday week. Trying to catch up a little on my blogging.

    Great set of photos.. You and your hubby do the same thing that George and I do. We 'walk the yard' every morning with our cameras to see what is NEW... SO much fun!!!!!

    Sounds like you have a busy rest of the month... Have fun and happy birthday to your hubby.


  8. Your husband must have a terrific green thumb. So much beauty in your world.

  9. That is amazing that you husband starts new plants from your bouquets. I would have never thought to do that. Enjoy your family. I love the way you start your morning.

  10. Ah, now I see why your visits to Italy are just intermittent. With garden, allotment and grandchildren keeping you in England, I'm now surprised you manage to get away at all! :-)

  11. Hi Linda,
    I'm curious about a couple words you use: smallholding, allotment. What do they mean.
    So glad you're having such a productive and beautiful summer and are looking forward to plans in London. Oh, how I'd love to get on a plane to London again!