21 Jul 2013

Italy: higher up the mountains: Certosa di Trisulti (2)

Set in the wooded mountains of the Ciociaria region, at an altitude of 800m, the Charterhouse of Trisulti is a huge monastic complex that has now become a national monument. Its fame is partly due to the old pharmacy decorated with many frescoes that have fantastical themes and beyond the high walls that enclose this part of the monastery there's a beautiful garden.

When I'm looking around a garden I'm always interested in how the garden is tended.  The plentiful supply of water that has been channelled from the nearby mountain streams into the monastery must be of benefit in keeping the gardens well watered.

Next to the formal gardens is an area of land with outbuildings and store rooms which is used for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

A view of the enclosed gardens from one of the windows in the pharmacy.  More about the frescoes that decorate the pharmacy and adjoining rooms next time.


  1. The gardens are lovely - I really like the clipped cloud style box - must give the monks something to do in their spare time keeping them trim!!! Gorgeous setting for the Monastery.

  2. it is a beautiful place and i love those stone planters on top of the stone wall. and the last photo is my favorite.

  3. I can feel the heat as I look at your photos of that beautiful garden. The last photos taken from inside is beautiful:)

  4. That second picture is amazing!I also love the old rugged walls and the view of the mountains. A stunning place, that's for sure.xxxx

  5. Gorgeous gardens --and it's neat the way they can use the water from the streams to keep them green and pretty.... You have used the word, Pharmacy. To me, a pharmacy is a place (like a drugstore) where you can get medicines... Is there another meaning????

    Thanks for sharing the photos to us... Congrats on the new Royal Birth today.. Such excitement I'm sure.

  6. This is truly a beautiful garden and one I would love walking in.

  7. hello
    les monastères réservent toujours des trésors
    et quelle vue magnifique sur les montagnes
    les topiaires sont bien taillés
    tout est très vert , alors qu'il doit faire très chaud !!
    edith (iris) France

  8. Wow, what gardens!!! All that trimming of greenery must take hours and hours...thanks, again, for the trip around the grounds. I also enjoyed the post about the people's new little prince being born, the best part was learning that your home wasn't far from Buckleberry!

  9. Gorgeous photos of a wonderful garden, building and landscape. Italy is magnificent!