12 Jun 2013

Picnic by Ladybower Reservoir

This was our picnic spot (you can just see one of our folding chairs in the shade of the trees) when we went out with the family during the half term holiday.  We were by the top north-east end of the Ladybower Reservoir and close to the overflow wall of the Derwent Dam and near the Fairholmes Visitors' Centre and Nature Trail.

The view from our picnic spot.

The water looked VERY deep, still and mesmerising.  Sometimes the water from the Derwent Dam flows over the retaining wall.  It must be quite a sight and it's rather thought-provoking to remember that there are thousands of gallons of water on the other side of that wall.

The wall and towers of the dam are very impressive.  In the west tower is the Derwent Valley/The Dambusters Commemorative Museum and I walked up the steep steps to the entrance of the east tower. More energetic walkers can take the path to the very top and then on by the side of Derwent Dam and the Reservoir to Howden Dam. I would have loved to have had the time to explore and see the other side of the wall and the waters of Derwent Dam. However, I was in sight of the family across the meadow and they were watching me carefully!!

The overflow water from the Derwent Dam flows into Ladybower Reservoir.

Part of the water channel was dried up, but where there was some water 'skimming stones' was a lot of fun for my husband and grandson. We were certainly thankful for the good weather during that week.



  1. the walls and towers are amazing. i love that best of all... the reflection shot is beautiful...mother would covet that picnic basket if she were here. she loved those kinds of baskets

  2. It looks like the most beautiful day for a family picnic and I love your proper picnic basket:)

  3. What a beautiful place for a pic-nic--- and for be in love...

  4. What a nice place to visit ---and to have a family picnic.. I'm sure the children enjoyed it. My sons used to love to skim rocks (or skip rocks --as they called it).

    Great set of photos, Linda. Love the walls and tower. Just a nice place!!!

  5. What a perfect place for a picnic.

  6. What a beautiful picnic spot. Anywhere with water is a hit when there's kids in tow, we've spent many happy hours skimming stones, though I'm not very good at it I have to say.

  7. What a gorgeous place for a picnic. You were luckier with the weather over half-term than we were. :-)

    I love the Victorian dignity of the dam - so much more impressive than any chunk of modern concrete, whoever large.

  8. Wow, how good is that. This is a place we've always wanted to visit....one day, hopefully! x

  9. Lovely reflections and a great spot to take grandsons for a picnic.

  10. WOW what a beautiful place. Your Picnic Basket is very neat.. Love it. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Hugs Judy

  11. The view from your picnic spot was my favorite photo. It nearly looks un-real to me. It wouldn't matter what was in the picnic basket with views like these.