11 Jun 2013

Farm open day

On Sunday we went to visit a local farm open day.  It's a dairy farm that I've featured before and one which has a delivery service and a small shop and refreshment area on site. There are several family fun days each year that are very popular and where the concept of buying from farm shops and farmers' markets and other local outlets that sell their products can be promoted. The farm is a well known one especially for its branded 'Our Cow Molly' ice cream and the farmer and his cows are often seen at the annual food festival in the city.

On Sunday there were tractor rides for the children and other activities and different aspects of
life on a dairy farm demonstrated.

The farmer talked about milk production and there was a demonstration of churning butter, which I missed as there were long queues for the refreshments!

A local butcher cooked sausages to go in the bread rolls.

These are the photos from last year.  As you can imagine, the ice cream parlour was full of families queueing for ice cream and drinks on Sunday!

We shall go back soon and see what other local produce is on offer to buy, especially as it combines a drive or walk along beautiful country lanes in the area not far from where we live.  


  1. woo hoo on the tractor ride.. i love that and those baby cows are soooo cute... i love the chimney stack on that house..all that and a bakery for bread YUM

  2. Love visiting farms. What a cute little train to pull the children in. So many fun things to see.

  3. That must have been such fun, Linda. There's nothing to beat locally produced food. I grew up next-door to a small dairy farm in Lancashire, but farming has changed a lot in the past 60 years. :-)

  4. What a neat place to visit. I love visiting farms.. Looks like that is a great one --and we all enjoy buying local farmers' veggies, etc... Children would love this visit also... NEAT!!!

  5. What a fun day! It really is important for us to understand where our food comes from.

  6. I'd love to sample that ice cream right now. It looks so creamy and delicious.

  7. Hi Linda,

    Lovely to see your photos of the visit to the farm and isn't it great to buy fresh produce.
    The children must have enjoyed the tractor rides and seeing all the lovely animals. Rambo is very cute.

    Happy week

  8. There were farms in our area open, but unfortunately, I had other commitments on Sunday so I couldn't go. It looks like you've found a great little farm there, definitely worth another look.

  9. I think the idea of an open farm day is a wonderful one. Too many children (at least in this country) have no concept of farming and what it takes to get food to their table. This farm looks like a wonderful one. I think I could easily go for some of that ice cream or honey.