4 Jun 2013

Cromford, Derbyshire (1)

Last Thursday we drove down to Cromford, Derbyshire which is well known for being the place where Richard Arkwright, the inventor of a spinning machine used in the production of cotton goods, began a programme of building mills and developing the village to house his workers.  Arkwright had decided that water was an effective source of power and the area around the River Derwent was ideal for this purpose.

After a quick look around the mill complex we decided to have lunch in the village and return later to have a look at the mill buildings, the church by the river and nearby wharf side canal.

We had lunch in The Greyhound Inn which is a Grade II listed building built in 1789.  Its clock was the first public clock in Cromford.  Important visitors and traders would have stayed there and the Arkwrights (father and son) used it for business.  It was the centre of the entertainments that Richard Arkwright laid on for his workers.  

Behind the Greyhound Inn is the Greyhound Pond which is the lowest of the ponds constructed up the valley for the storage of water.  In the corner near Water Lane is a sluice gate that controls the water between the pond and other water courses in the village.  The cottages on the hill were once inhabited by lead miners and date from the 17th century and 18th century. The mill and buildings
were part of this little settlement on the hillside of Scarthin Rock.  The mill wheel still turns today (by electricity).  It was interesting to see it move around.


In the courtyard and water wheel building there's a business selling all types of woven baskets. 

We don't often get a photo taken together, but with a grandson enthusiastic to snap us.....

This peaceful spot is just a corner of an interesting village.  We moved on to spend some more time at the Cromford Mills. 


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful and this place looks peaceful. :) And I love the picture of you and your husband. What a beautiful couple!

  2. My favorite thing today was seeing a photo of YOU --and hubby... That's awesome. I think that may be the first picture I have ever seen of you... Made me so happy to see it....Thanks to your grandson.

    The Greyhound looks like an interesting place --and wasn't it wonderful to visit the area where the inventor of the spinning machine had worked. Arkwright must have been an interesting and very intelligent man... So glad you took us on this little trip.

    I feel like I have been to England even though I have never been there... Thanks, Linda.

  3. A really interesting day out. Jx

  4. Cromford is one of my favourite places to visit as there is so much of interest there. It looks as if you had lovely weather for your day out. We've never been in the Greyhound Inn so it was interesting to see a photograph of the inside. I look forward to reading more about your visit:)

  5. So very pretty Linda. Love the picture of you and your hubby.
    Haven't been blogging lately - just to busy and tired. No creative energy left after working at work and then outside when I get home. Trying to get the chicken run finished up so the chickens can get outside and I can take a break. Hope to be posting and visiting more by the end of June. Somedays I don't even turn on my computer. Now that's way too busy.

  6. What a picturesque place, it looks really beautiful. It's a lovely photo of you and your hubby, well done to your grandson.

  7. lovely place^^


  8. What a beautiful and fascinating place, Linda. All that industrial archaeology sounds just right for an enquiring grandson. :-)

  9. Your photos are gorgeous Linda and it all looks so peaceful. I do like a bit of history too and it looked like a perfect day out. Not sure here Cromford is though. Lovely to see your picture.
    Patricia x

    1. PS - what I meant was I've been to Derbyshire several times but never heard of it before. x

  10. How beautiful everything looks. I love the water and the swans. Lovely to see a pic of you both.xxxx

  11. Lovely place Linda, beautiful photos and your grandson did well snapping a picture of the two of you :)

    An English Girl Rambles

  12. Such beauty and history combined! You took some incredible photos that belong in a Jane Austin type novel! Great photo of you and your husband-- you are a lovely couple. And you topped it off with that beautiful swan! I have missed visiting you. I hope you continue posting throughout the summer because that's when I 'travel with you best'. ;>)

  13. What a lovely photo of you both. We also rarely get photos of the two of us, since I am usually the one taking the photos. Love seeing your sights.

  14. It was so much fun to see a photo of the two of you. I always enjoy my visits here.

  15. So jealous of the history you are surrounded by. Fun to see a pic of you and Mr. P!

  16. Great photography by your grandson Linda. Nice to see you both. Love the swans too. I would really like that basket shop, have a hankering to make baskets for some reason. Now I have read this first post I can process the second one more easily(reading your posts backwards to catch up.)