2 Jun 2013

Beside still waters

Upper Derwent Water, Ladybower Reservoir

Woodland walks beside the Upper Derwent Reservoir
The wooden seat has a snail (with a very flat shell) or maybe it's a slug or beetle (?!)
 carved on the oak leaf.
There are huge eyeballs for support legs!

Good walking countryside in the Peak District
National Parkland.  Our picnic spot was 
 in the meadow by the reservoir
and woods (marked by an x).

We're enjoying the bird visitors coming into our garden.


  1. merci Linda de ton passage sur mon blog
    je viens de faire une agréable promenade
    à travers monts et vallées
    la Normandie ressemble beaucoup à certains
    endroits de l' Angleterre
    bon dimanche
    edith(iris) France

  2. that bench is awesome... pretty and i assume ok to sit on it... i would be afraid i would break it.
    that path through the green pastures is thrilling and makes me want to wander it. glad you got family time and that is much better than blogging.

  3. So glad you enjoyed your week with your family. That looks like a lovely spot for a picnic. The garden birds are very entertaining at the moment we have lots of young sparrows and starlings - the wrens nesting in the box at the back of the garage are flitting backwards and forwards with grubs so it won't be long before we see the little ones:)

  4. It sounds like you've had the perfect week with lots of beautiful walks. I really do love that oak leaf bench, what a good idea. I'll look forward to hearing and seeing more.xxxx

  5. Just catching up with your posts - hope you enjoyed the better weather at the end of the week. I love it around Ladybower - so spectacular. xxx

  6. Hi Linda, I have missed you ---but am glad that you had a marvelous week with family. Do not miss my Wed. blog this past week.. It's one of my best bird blogs I think..

    Great set of photos.

  7. It sounds and looks like a very nice week. I love the bench with the leaf and the snail.

  8. Hi Linda,

    How lovely to see your gorgeous photos and looks like the perfect picnic spot and place to enjoy the outdoors.
    Glad you were able to spend time with your family and love the neat park bench.

    Happy new week

  9. What a fabulous place to visit, one on my wish list now! x

  10. So lovely; looks like a wonderfully relaxing place to spend some time.