20 Jun 2013

A good day out

Thank you for your best wishes for our wedding anniversary. We had a good day out driving to an area that we haven't been to for a while.  In fact, we sometimes used to come up to Derbyshire for a weekend's break to celebrate our anniversary and then went on to south Yorkshire to see our daughter and family.  Now we are living here in retirement and the beauty of the countryside of these two counties is on our doorstep. We were blessed with good weather and we were able to spend time in the Hope and Wye valleys enjoying the scenery, history and traditions of the area.  We headed for Ashford-in-the-Water where we had planned to have lunch and take a walk. Along the way we stopped to see some of the preparations for the well dressing and summer festival events that will take place in this area at the weekend.
Today I will show you the countryside we passed though - the top photo is a view of Hope Valley and Win Hill taken in a leafy country lane on the way to Ashford-in-the-Water.

This is the area around a place called Litton.  We were diverted onto a one-car lane because the main route was closed. However, we were able to view the contour of the land and the geology from above. As always, walking in this area must be a pleasure.  We went on through Cressbrook and Monsal Dale.

Monsal Viaduct over the River Wye now part of the Monsal Trail following the C19th disused railway tracks and tunnels

I'm sure you know that we love walking beside a flowing stream or river.  This is the River Wye and the packhorse bridge at nearby Ashford-in-the Water.

Driving through the more familiar landscape on our way back home we saw fields of white flowers growing amongst the tufts of green and dry grasses and it looked like a sprinkling of snow.  I could only stop briefly to take a photo because at this point the road was quite straight and busy with fast traffic so I don't know what the flowers were - not cow parsley as in the foreground, but probably some sort of daisy or bog cotton plant.  I like the wildness of this landscape.

The well dressing at the original village pump in Ashford-in-the-Water took place at the beginning of June. However, our walk around the village and visit to the church was very enjoyable and I will post more about the trip and the well dressing preparations in Hope and Cressbrook that we did see very soon.

Meanwhile, here's a detail of one of the pictures set up in the village of Cressbrook. Petals, seeds, sheep's wool etc. have been used to create the picture.



  1. Hi Linda,
    Such a bucolic piece of nature...nothing like a Sunday drive and meeting friends for lunch, eh? I liked your expression, "contours of the land"...exactly the right word! The contours here in Iowa are oh-so- flat!!!
    I see you're reading The Kingmaker's Daughter. I LOVED that book. I have a collection of Philippa Gregory's books...also Hilary Mantel.

  2. i enlarged and went through the slide show and the scenes are magnificent, especially the ones with the bridge.

  3. Lovely photos Linda and sorry I missed your Anniversary, still trying to catch up with my reading since my holiday. Hope you had a good one. I also read a lot of Philippa Gregory books and also Alison Weir. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  4. How nice to see the photos of the viaduct at Monsal Head - I have always loved that spot. The first photo is beautiful - I love the way fencing frames the view - perfect.

  5. Such beautiful scenery. You chose the perfect place for your day out.

  6. The countryside looks so lush and has a unique charm about it. What a beautiful drive.

  7. What lovely countryside you traveled through. I had never heard of well dressing.
    Glad you had a special day.

  8. Beautiful pictures. I only saw a small part of Yorkshire but I loved it there. A place I would love to go back to.
    Will follow you so I can see more.

  9. Wow.
    I can only say WOW.
    You are so blessed to be able to go to such an amazing part of our World.
    I love your Country so very much.
    Tammy xx

  10. Absolutely spectacular and breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing this beauty. Your photos are amazing!

  11. Spectacular scenery, Linda. i really must get to know Derbyshire better. :-) The white flower in the background is almost certainly what I call cotton grass and you called bog cotton.

  12. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both!