27 Jun 2013

Time out

                                   I'm taking a break from blogging for a while.

25 Jun 2013

A stroll around Ashford-in-the-Water

After our lunch we took a walk down Church Street to the medieval Sheepwash Bridge. It was built where a ford crossed the River Wye. The water flows strongly here and the ducks seemed to be gliding along on the current under the bridge. There were several large brown trout resting amongst the water weed or swimming in the clear shallows.

There's a walled sheep pen by the side of the bridge where the sheep were enclosed for washing before their wool was shorn.  Looking across the river you can see Holy Trinity Church and this beautiful old house with riverside gardens, also near the packhorse bridge, is a restaurant.

                                                                The medieval tithe barn

Holy Trinity Church has some interesting features.  Outside you can see the black painted Victorian gas lamp post which lit the main path through the churchyard.  

The font which stands beneath the church tower has a dragon on the shaft with its head on one side and its tail on the other.

The lectern which can be turned upon its base has a symbol of the Trinity carved on it.

Hanging in an aisle are four garlands built on rush frames (protected by plastic covers).

We were particularly interested to see this pottery dish with an Italian connection and an uplifting wall hanging of the Tree of Life in the River of the Water of Life.  

24 Jun 2013

Inspiring gardens

Some of the flowers in our garden are drooping in the wind and heavy showers, but they still look
beautiful as the colours fade and the petals drop.

We chose two new plants (gifts from our daughters to mark our wedding anniversary) which we bought during our day out last week.  The clematis is called 'Parisienne' and the rose is 'Arthur Bell'.

My husband chose the rose for its strong fragrance and I love the way the petals change from a golden colour to cream as I do prefer pale coloured roses.

I'm always inspired by other gardens and the ones in Ashford-in-the-Water were very pretty especially at this time of the year. This one with the cat motif on the gate and winding path was intriguing. The house was next to the river, the old parish pump and the packhorse bridge and I expect it attracts many photographers!

22 Jun 2013

Derbyshire Well Dressing and Wakes Weeks

We returned to Hope this morning to see the flower pictures that had been completed and erected around the village near to old pumps and wells for the annual ceremony of well dressing. It's also the beginning of Wakes Week for the village so there was a festival atmosphere and a good time for us to visit as the road was to be closed in the afternoon for a carnival procession. The rain and wind that has returned didn't seem to be bothering the villagers I spoke to as I stopped to take photos.  Wakes Week was originally the week long holiday that was given to workers in mills, factories and collieries at this time of the year, but now it's more like a Summer Festival with events that are intended to bring the whole community together.

                                                   Hope Valley - the edge of the village

Since we passed through the village on Wednesday and stopped to see the beginning of the picture making process I will start with the work in the Village Hall.

The moulds are filled with clay and sheets of paper with the designs that have been decided as the theme for that year are placed on the top. Using a craft knife the lines that make up the pattern or picture are cut through so that an imprint is left on the soft clay underneath the paper.

As the flowers and leaves hadn't been placed on the design at this point it was good to see the finished pictures.

The children from the village primary school and Hope Valley College also made pictures.

As there was a competition to make the best dressed models based on the 'scarecrow trail' idea, - the theme was 'Musicals' - many of the gardens and businesses were looking festive.  

On Wednesday we visited another area in the Peak District and came across some more pictures made from flowers and other materials. Cressbrook is a small hamlet with narrow, leafy lanes that meandering down into the other dales of Water-Cum-Jolly, Monsal Dale and Miller's Dale.