14 May 2013

One day at a time....

Grandson no 3 went to the Isle of Wight recently and brought back some garlic plants and other interesting products from the garlic farm there!  The garlic grown there is supposed to be very good and our daughter gave us one of the plants as well as some bulbs which are much bigger than the normal varieties.

We didn't try the garlic fudge!  The relish was quite tasty. We enjoyed it as an accompaniment to the food we had for a lunch in our daughter's garden when we went down to Berkshire.

Our daughter enjoys gardening and visiting plant and food festivals and she's always looking for something unusual to give us as a present.  The plastic tube is a garlic skinner.  You roll a clove of garlic in the tube to get the skin off and then you can crush it on the rigged saucer and use the brush to pick up the mashed pieces.  It's good fun, but I have a garlic press that I brought back from Italy because I liked the design and I normally use that.

I took this photo of a corner of the allotment,  (a plot of land rented out from the city council in order to grow fruit and vegetables), a week or two ago.  The broad beans and garlic were the first vegetable plants to go in and now there are rows more beans, onions etc.

We have been wondering if the blossom on the pear tree in the garden will survive through the
cold, windy weather of the last week.  The blossom on the huge, wild cherry tree in our neighbour's garden has looked stunning.  It always looks its best in blossom time and in the Autumn.


  1. I tried some fudge flavoured cheese.... ONCE! I think there's certain combinations that are left best un-eaten!!!!! Jx

  2. How lovely to have grandsons in the catering business, I bet you get treated to some delicious home made meals. Garlic isn't something we use much of in cooking so we don't grow it at the allotment.

  3. Your blog is a joy! Beautiful photographs~

  4. Your pictures are absolutely delicious!!!!

  5. Hi Linda, I was trying to figure out what allotment you were talking about --but after I read farther, I realized that you are talking about a garden. That WOULD keep me busy too... BUT--I hope you all do get to Italy sometime soon. I know you must miss it. Is someone taking care of your property there? I'm sure they are.

    Great set of photos...

    1. AnonymousMay 17, 2013

      I was wondering about that term, allotment, too. Thought it might be a pension or some sort of welfare matter. We use that term here in the States for financial matters so when I finally saw the garden, I was surprised. We learn something new everyday. I gather this is what we call a community garden where each person or organization has a spot to till and grow what they wish.

      As for the garlic, made me think of the Gilroy Garlic Festival here in California. Big event where they have garlic in all sorts of forms. Garlic ice cream is a big one that goes over well.

  6. Your garden looks like it will keep you very busy. It is quite large in comparison to our little garden for vegetables. All that garlic reminded me of a friend that has a tearoom and serves a garlic dinner every fall, everything is made with garlic. I think the garlic you received sounds quite good in all it's forms. I have a little dish for garlic grating like your dish. I bought it in France.

  7. I didn't know Isle of Wight was known for good garlic - we hope to make it there this summer. I'll have to keep an eye out for that garlic fudge - interesting!

  8. About 5years ago I ordered a special garlic pack from the Isle of Wight and we are still growing the babies from a saved head of each. Not sure about garlic fudge! x

  9. I have never heard of garlic fudge. I love garlic and often use it in just about everything from salads to soups. Your photos are lovely!

  10. it looks as though you have lots to console you for not being able to get to Italy at present, Linda. How lovely to have grandsons who are learning to cook. I foresee some very well-catered family occasions in your future. The allotment looks to be doing well, but this cold weather does mean that the pollinating insects aren't very active which is a worry.

  11. Certainly looks like Mr P has plenty to keep him busy while you're in England!