1 May 2013

Haddon Hall, Derbyshire: the gardens

Maytime:  one of my favourite months in a lovely season for enjoying the garden.
Now that the weather has slightly improved I'm hoping to make some return visits to the nearby houses and gardens that I love best.  On the top of my list are Renishaw and Haddon Hall. It's always a pleasure to visit at different seasons to see the plants in flower, appreciate the designer's vision and the work of the gardeners who maintain the grounds.

In the sixteenth century the owners of Haddon Hall, John Manners and Dorothy Vernon, built the Long Gallery and they also laid the garden below the windows. Viewed from the windows, the garden would have featured an elaborate Elizabethan knot garden with gravel paths in between. Traditionally, this would have been planted with low growing herbs such as evergreen hyssop or germander which could be clipped into low hedges to form interweaving patterns.  There would have been fragrant plants such as lemon balm, thyme and lavender that could be used for medicinal purposes.  (Notes taken from 'Haddon Hall' written by Bryan Cleary).

Interestingly, this photograph was taken of a corner of one of the top terraces about three years ago
in Springtime and before the new planting scheme was laid out to reflect the garden's
Elizabethan origins as well as preserve the restoration work carried out in the 1930s by the present owner's grandmother, the Duchess of Rutland.

This is the same area taken in June last year.

It was a drizzly day - the red in the corner is an umbrella being held over me by a friend - we were in an out of the house in between the showers! There's so much of interest that one can return 
many times and always enjoy the day in the house and grounds.  



  1. Oh Linda ~ I just love your pictures!!! How beautiful it is there. Your pics make me want to just plop down on that bench and never move again.
    Love your blog header too and your new look!

  2. What a difference in that top terrace. It looks like a lovely garden to visit.

  3. What a transformation. Very lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos. Hugs Judy

  4. Haddon is my favourite of all the Derbyshire houses and I love the garden there in any season. In early summer it is sublime. Having said that I loved Renishaw Hall when we visited a few years ago and I remember a wonderful sculpture of a cellist in the garden:)

  5. I love both Haddon Hall and Renishaw Hall, but what a county for having a whole host of wonderful houses and gardens to visit.

  6. Wow---those gardens are AWESOME. When we go to Biltmore, we always head to the gardens. I 'like' visiting the house--but the gardens are really our LOVE... Those gardens you showed are terrific... And --I'll bet that they just get prettier throughout the next month or so.... Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Linda, what gorgeous gardens!!! My grandparents on my father's side were born in Kent. I have never had the opportunity to see England as yet, but I really enjoy seeing such beauty in your photos....so thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks so much for this lovely glimpse of a place I last visited at the age of 16, Linda! It was on a school history trip and we were more interested in the house than the gardens, but I've never forgotten it.

  9. Thank you for the visit, what superb gardens!

  10. Hello Linda
    I love your new Spring blog header!
    The dry stone wall with the roses tumbling over it is stunning.

    Oh you're so lucky to have these wonderful old english houses and gardens within easy reach to visit. I've read about them in gardening books and Country Life magazines for so long and would dearly love to see more of them.
    I feel very privileged to be visiting them with you through your blog.

    I've always wanted to design and plant a little knot garden of herbs - maybe that's a project for next year!
    Wishing you a happy weekend
    Shane ♥

  11. Oh my, what a lovely layout. It's so nice to be able to view things through your eyes and your camera, Linda. I haven't been across the pond in three years so it's always a treat to visit your blog. Thanks for the GREEN!

  12. I love both ways the garden is displayed. I rarely get to see a knot garden and this is beautiful.

  13. How delightful. Thank you for the tour.....I love the grounds, so lush and green.xxxx

  14. Lovely! I'm sure it's great fun to watch the changes throughout the growing season.