10 Apr 2013

Sunday in the Upper Derwent and Hope Valleys

Although the weather had changed again on Sunday we went to Castleton using our usual route through the Upper Derwent Valley. There were plenty of walkers out and about and a few people fishing in Ladybower Reservoir.  No blue skies on that day, but there seemed to have been more of a thaw in both the Derwent and Hope Valleys.
I even had an ice cream at a farm shop in Castleton, surrounded by farm animals and with the view of nearby Peveril Castle to enjoy!

We had lunch in the village of Hope where there was a welcome open fire after our walk in Castleton - more about that another time - then returned home across the moors. There was still a lot of snow that will take a long time to melt unless the temperature increases.

Jacob plantation, Strines Moor,
looking towards Ladybower area.

Boots Folly and the Strines Moor


  1. Hi Linda,

    Such beautiful photos of your outing and thanks for sharing. Hope you have some sunny weather there to melt the snow. The farmyard animals are all so sweet and lovely that you were able to enjoy an ice cream there.

    Happy day

  2. Che belle immagini e che paesaggi stupendi. Mi sono piaciuti moltissimo anche gli animali da cortile. A presto

  3. Lots of lovely photos thanks for sharing

  4. I did enjoy this, lovely to enjoy the outing and the animals with you.xxxxx

  5. That looks like such a lovely outing. x

  6. So lovely Linda. Still surprised by all your snow. It has been actually hot here - too hot too soon. Maybe our warm weather will make it's way across the ocean to you. Some much needed rain just came in and dropped the temps by 20 degrees. Should be cooler now and more seasonal. I can only imagine how beautiful these areas must be when spring and summer are upon them. Can hardly wait to see.

  7. Lovely photos the first one is stunning! We must seek out the farm shop next time we visit Castleton, they look as if they have some unsual chickens. There is still a lot of snow on the hills, it's going to take a long time to finally disappear:)

  8. bonjour
    je vous suis pas à pas
    je me réjouis de voir l' Angleterre
    assise au fond de mon fauteuil
    car il a l' air de ne pas faire bien chaud
    à très bientôt
    edith(iris) France

  9. Wonderful photographs Linda - I feel as though I've been with you along the way!
    The sky may not have been blue but the countryside is so pretty.
    Love the chooks and farmyard animals - a marvellous place to take the grandchildren.
    I'll look forward to reading about your walk through Castleton soon.
    Hope you're all well.
    Shane ♥

  10. It's amazing how long the snow is lasting, just goes to show that these low temperatures have been with us for so long now. We're due some warmer weather at the weekend, but I'm not convinced, I'll believe it when it happens.

  11. Such picturesque views and the chickens are most unusual.

  12. Lovely photos. Did you buy anything at the farm shop? A pair of chickens or a ewe and her lamb?

  13. Just when I was starting to think spring was much further along in your neck of the woods, I saw the snow pictures! You're having a spring like ours - one that just doesn't want to get here.

  14. The countryside is just beautiful. I have read about the moors in literature, but not sure I have seen a photo of any. Thanks! How I would have loved visiting those farm animals with my grandson.