15 Apr 2013

Monday miscellany

                                                        River Thames, Berkshire

It's good to see the Spring flowers appearing in our garden and when we went down to Berkshire for a weekend recently.

                                                    Our Spring flowers and Gino
                                      More spring flowers and Brian, our daughter's cat.


  1. I see your daffodils are blooming too. What a difference their pretty sunny faces make on the landscape. I think God must have know that we'd need green and yellow to cheer us after a long cold winter.

  2. Love seeing the gardens and feline's in the garden. How I could dream of traveling on this river on that boat, just drifting.

  3. Spring has been such a long wait, but worth it. Lovely photos.

  4. I hope you had a lovely time and the birthday celebration went well.
    It's WONDERFUL to see flowers again isn't it, even if they are a few months late.

    Your pics are beautiful, as is the lovely Gino.xxxxx

  5. Lovely! It's resolved never to fully turn to spring here so we still don't have a single bud, let alone a bloom. Gino looks like he's enjoying the warmer sunshine spring brings!

  6. HI Linda, Gorgeous spring flowers... Looks like you old neighbor has a marvelous garden...

    Those first couple of photos near the river are so pretty... Looks so peaceful.


  7. Hi Linda,

    How lovely seeing the gorgeous photos of Berkshire and the River Thames. Such a gorgeous place and love all the pretty flowers.
    We have rain here today, but it is a welcome relief.

    Hope that you have a great week and see some sunshine

  8. Better late than never is what I say. My first daffodil bloomed yesterday, and a few more are out today, though they're being battered in the strong winds we've got here today. They've been worth waiting for. It's lovely to see the pussy cats enjoying the sunshine too, Gino's found a place to sit and sun himself, and Brian looks as though he's asking to go outside.

  9. It's so lovely to see 'at last' the spring flowers bursting into life! x

  10. Linda, for some reason I haven't had any updates from your blog for at least three weeks! I assumed it was because you were either away or busy with your grandchildren, but I think i'st simply the same problem that Val has been having with her blog in Portugal. I'venow re-followed you, which is why my profile picture is now the latest in your Followers display, so hopefully this will sort out the problem I can see I've missed some gorgeous photos, so will now go and browse....

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the problem which has now been sorted out.