28 Apr 2013

City Centre: Chapel Walk

Recently a good friend, who lives in Cheshire, came to visit by train. We had lunch in a family-run cafe/tea room in Chapel Walk, which is a walkway just off one of the main streets in the city centre. There are some interesting small businesses that are 'getting up and running' as part of a reinvigorating project to utilise empty properties after a period of decline, although this alley was always busy with access to the chapel and there were many little shops such as a hatter's, a tailor's, a shoemaker's and, later on, a 'suffrage shop' for the Sheffield Women's Social and Political Union. Mrs. Pankhurst sent her daughter, Adela, to encourage the women and they had meetings there.

The painted metal name-plate in the form of an arch with a three-dimensional crown shape with leaf motif was designed by Andrew Bell (1996) as well as oval name-plates and brackets for each shop.


  1. It's great to see new businesses popping up and empty shops being brought back in to use. Leeds has lots of arcades which were falling in to disrepair and now they're full of designer shops.

  2. Looks lovely Linda. Always a shopper, I would love to check out your sweet shops. I especially like the store front with the big tape measure on it. How creative.
    Been busy and away for the weekend. Hope to get some pictures posted this week of the chicks.

  3. Chapel Walk looks as if is still an interesting shopping area albeit a little different to the days when a 'suffrage shop' would have been there. I love these little areas in towns and cities where small and unusual shops are encouraged to flourish:)

  4. A great bit of history there Linda, and I loved the photos. Great place to walk around.

  5. Hi Linda,

    Great post and photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Thanks for this interesting glimpse of a city I don't know at all, Linda.

  7. Chapel Walk looks like a very interesting area to visit.. I am always interested in going to various neighborhoods in cities --and experiencing the history.. What a nice area. Thanks for the tour and education..


  8. Now this looks like a fun place to window shop. I loved the bakery, the cupcakes looked amazingly beautiful. I hope you had one.

  9. What a charming area and a lovely place to spend time with a good friend!

  10. Dear Linda,

    Looks like a very interesting place to spend some time with your friend.
    I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos and reading about the history Of Chapel Walk.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy May