12 Mar 2013

Sunday afternoon outing

On Sunday afternoon we went out with our daughter as she thought we would all enjoy the drive and walk followed by tea-time refreshments.
The snow that we've been experiencing again had already settled on higher ground and the parkland of Whirlowbrook Hall estate looked beautiful.

Whirlowbrook Hall was built in 1906 and owned by a local industrialist.  In recent years the Hall had been used for various functions and also had a cafe which was open to visitors.  Apparently the hall and cafe was closed last year, but the grounds of the estate are open to the public and as there are acres of land to explore it's another popular area for walking, especially as it's on the edge of Derbyshire countryside.  I'm sure we shall go there again and take a longer walk through the woods.


  1. Whirlowbrook Hall looks a lovely place to visit - I shall try and remember it when we are next in Derbyshire.

  2. Very, very pretty Linda. I am surprised to see you have snow. I like your pictures larger. It makes it so much easier to see the beautiful countryside.

  3. What a beautiful place! It's a shame the hall is no longer open as I love touring these majestic homes.

  4. Beautiful area and super photos. I would love to visit that old mansion and walk around its grounds. I love to see the snow but am also ready for spring.

  5. It looks lovely, I bet it's different again in summer. I love those mossy stones.

  6. It looks as if you had a beautiful setting for your walk. I'm glad the estate is still open so you can walk the grounds, and I look forward to seeing photos from your walks in warmer seasons.

  7. Whirlowbrook Hall looks like a beautiful place to visit. I'll bet that you do return there --as spring gets here. Can't wait to see more pictures...

    Glad you had a fun Sunday afternoon.

  8. Linda, I just love that first photo - it would make such a lovely card.
    I thought immediately of Derbyshire before I read what you wrote!!
    I've probably told you before (apologies if I have!) we visited Chatswood on one of our UK trips and spent almost a whole day there, it was so interesting. I remember in one of the rooms they had a display of the exquisite costumes worn in Pride and Prejudice!
    A shame you couldn't get a warming cup of tea - sad the cafe closed.
    Shane ♥

  9. Your pictures are lovely. Everywhere in UK is so cold today.