25 Mar 2013

Monday Miscellany

More snow and ice in the middle of last week
left us more or less housebound.

It was cheering to see some of the vegetable and flower seedlings
popping up...tomatoes,cauliflowers, onions, sweet peas etc.
The peach that was grown from a stone and the Christmas Rose 
are also blossoming and budding again in the covered yard.

The snow had fallen and had frozen and we had been looking forward
 to going to a concert at the City Hall where our youngest grandson
was taking part in the choir. It had been organised by a project
 that encourages music making in the city for every child and young
 person in partnership with families, schools and other organisations.

It wasn't easy getting there in the bad weather, but either by
foot or tram friends and families managed to gather at the venue
and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of different styles of music
 from the children, young people and professional educators and musicians.


  1. I'm glad the snowy weather didn't keep you from enjoying the concert. It's snowing here today, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your seedlings and blossoms.

  2. OH My... Glad you made it to the concert and I'm sure you were very proud of that grandson... It's nice (since I was a music major and taught music for awhile) to see them promoting music....YEAH!!!!

    Hope spring gets to you (and me) soon --so that we both can enjoy more of those beautiful flowers in the yard.

  3. Glad to read that you managed to get to the concert.. the weather has been really dire recently! Jx

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, lovely to hear from you.

    I've been browsing here, what a lovely blog you have.

    I'm amazed you have tomato cauliflower and sweet pea seedlings already, my seeds haven't even sprouted yet!
    We've had snow too but not as deep as yours! It's the wind here that's killing us!xxxxx

  5. Love those cheerful little newly budding plants! Glad you made it there and enjoyed the concert!

  6. So glad you managed to brave the elements and made it to the concert. Hope you enjoyed it.
    Patricia x

  7. Looks like your Christmas cactus is almost ready to bloom. Such encouraging sights in those new little plants.

  8. I'm so glad that you managed to brave the snow to attend the concert, I'm sure it was worth it. I think it's fabulous that they're promoting music in such a way, I think young people get so much out of it. I'm sure you'll have been as proud as punch to see your grandson perform. I haven't sown many seeds yet. I was going to start my tomatoes off at the weekend but I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm after the heavy snow fall. I might get round to it over the Easter weekend.

  9. It is Spring yet so many places are still having snow. I hope soon you have sunshine and flowers blooming outdoors.

  10. Sorry to see you're still getting snow too. We had several inches this week, but it has melted now and supposed to get a little warmer over the weekend. Sometimes it feels like spring will never come, but it always does and we cherish it all the more for being so late.