6 Mar 2013

Italy: Garden maintenance

As I've often mentioned, we usually go over to Italy in February or March to do some work in the house and garden and generally take a break.  This year the trip has been delayed and we are looking forward to getting there soon especially as the weather here in the UK continues to be cold and dull with the occasional day of sunshine which teases us into thinking that Spring has come at last.
Not that the weather in the mountains in our region of Italy is always warm and sunny at this time of the year.  There have also been some other strange happenings recently. My sister-in-law phoned the other day to tell us that there had been strong earth tremors one evening in February which had been felt throughout the area from south of Rome to Naples and the 4.8 magnitude quake's epicentre had been near the two local towns of Sora and Isola del Liri.  Although there had been no injuries and little damage to old, vulnerable buildings it had been a frightening experience despite these tremors being felt from time to time, which we have experienced ourselves when we have been on holiday or living in Italy.
Anyway, being the time for pruning trees, vines, cutting the grass, painting and cleaning,  I'm posting some photos of our life in Italy when we are there in the early months of the year with apologies for revisiting a subject that I posted on my old, deleted blog.

Lambing time - views of the top field.

A few of the jobs that need to be done outside while I'm relaxing...no, not really.  I'm usually doing some cleaning etc. inside.

Of course, the time away is also an opportunity to relax, see family and spend some time out and about in the locality.  This is a view overlooking the town of Isola del Liri where the quake was felt the strongest which is about 10 kms from our home.


  1. Earth tremors are frightening.
    I hope you don't have to go through such an experience and can enjoy your stay in Italy to the fullest.

  2. Thanks for re-posting since I didn't follow your old blog back then.. Your Italy property looks awesome --but you will have lots of 'fun work' to do once you get there. Hope the tremors subside. That can be disheartening...

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have only ever experienced one earth tremor when I was at school in the midlands. The school I went to was in a large Georgian House, with very large windows. When the tremor happened the windows shook like mad and made the whole experience feel even more frightening. However, it only last a matter of seconds.

  4. Beautiful Linda. I can't imagine what it must be like to have a home in two beautiful countries. You are such a very blessed lady. How long is the trip from England to Italy? Do you fly or drive?

  5. Oh I'm so envious Linda. I'd love to own somewhere in Italy, it's our favourite place to visit. Not sure about the earth tremors though! I don't remember your old blog so I'm really reading through the lines. I'm guessing that your husband maybe Italian, from what you said about family living close by. Excuse me for being nosey but its nice to know people's background etc. have a good weekend.
    Patricia x

    1. Patricia - yes, my husband is Italian. I realise that isn't clear from my profile.

  6. It looks lovely there. I don't think I'd mind the housework if I could look up and glimpse views like that through the window.

  7. Such beautiful countryside and your photographs make me feel like I am there. I have visited England, but I have never been to Italy. Now I really would like to go.


  8. Beautiful sheep, beautiful trees and lichens on the trees. I like hearty outside work like that.

  9. Gorgeous. Even the photos exude peacefulness.:>)

  10. Earthquakes can be scary - we get little tremors from time to time but Christchurch have had huge earthquakes in the last two years with tragic loss of life.

    It looks so beautiful in Italy Linda - no matter where you are there are always tidying up jobs to be done!!
    You must be dying to get back there - a change of scenery is good for the soul.

    Sending you some healing Summer sunbeams from my corner of the world!
    Shane ♥