2 Mar 2013

The Botanical Gardens

I returned to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens last Thursday on a cold, but sunny day as there's so much to see and enjoy, not only in the glasshouses, but in the extensive grounds that are divided into different areas containing specimen trees and plants from every continent.
At this time of the year the early Spring flowers are prominent in the Woodland garden and along the paths that have been laid to take the visitor into every corner of the many acres of land.

This is one of the paths that leads down to one of the main gates on a road near to the church in the distance. At the point where I took this photo I was in the middle of the gardens and a walk to another main gate was just as far.  Many people use the gardens to get from one part of the city to another and at the same time enjoy a pleasant walk.

A sheltered spot called Osborn's Field is a good place to sit and rest.  The principal entrance can be seen in the distance.

There are other paths meandering through the trees and shrubs, including rhododendrons, in the Asian garden.  It was quite a surprise to see them in bloom, but it's also a sheltered area because the ground rises to form wooded hillocks.

The area by the fountain at the end of the Long Walk is a favourite one especially with bridal couples and their guests when the glasshouse pavilions are used for a wedding celebration.

The pavilions also house interesting plants from the temperate regions of the world and I will post about these another time.


  1. Just lovely. Wish I was there with you. Looks like a wonderful place to walk, meditate or just lay in the grass and take in all the beauty. I saw a palm tree there in one of the last pictures. I am amazed that it could grow in your climate and also surprised the rhodys are blooming.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. The botanical gardens are gorgeous.. We enjoy going to them here.. I can see how that would be a beautiful place for a wedding. Thanks for sharing, Linda.


  3. Lovely photos, and I spotted a little bit of blossom on the tree in picture no.1. The soft pink rhododendron is a beautiful sight.

  4. Hi Linda,

    Looks like you had a wonderful walk through the Botanical Gardens, and I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous photos. The pink rhododendron is gorgeous and thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  5. Thank you for taking us on this tour it was lovely. Your photos are great and full of sunshine.
    Patricia x

  6. Such a welcome sight as we move into March and still have lots of snow here.

  7. Lovely candid photos, enjoyable blog. I'm your newest follower. Happy March :)

    1. Thank you for your visit.

  8. Lovely, Linda, thank you for sharing that. I grew up in Sheffield, but never visited, my priorities being different in those days! Now, I would be there as often as possible.

  9. The glasshouse is just beautiful!
    Isn't it exciting to see Spring flowers beginning to make an appearance?
    Rhododendrons, wow! I am amazed to see them so early. We are now beginning
    to really see signs of Spring. Loved seeing your signs of Spring on this lovely walk.