7 Feb 2013

Walking in the park on a snowy day

the rose garden in front of the library in the park

Did you notice the dog and owner in this photo on my last post?  I'm not keen to point my camera at people when taking photos unless they are far away or partly obscured, but as you can imagine the dog was enjoying a run around in the snow and when I got closer to the owner I saw that she was also playing along by making snowballs.

Other people were walking purposefully through the park as the snow continued to fall and I was glad to get into the shelter of the library and spend some time there. (My husband had dropped me off on his way to an appointment and was going to pick me up afterwards).

Usually I go into the walled garden after my library visit, but as the snow had stopped I decided to walk down to the lake.   The stable block of the Georgian house has been closed for some time, but there's a possibility that it will be leased out as the idea is to have a cafe in the park.

The adventure playground and the children's play space is a popular area of the park and by the time I left a few carers and preschool children were out and about and playing there.

We can thank the 19th century owners of the Hall for the planting of the avenues of trees that line many of the paths that cross the parkland.

There's a modern sports pavilion and a bowling green.  This view shows the Victorian housing, including the Methodist chapel, as the owners of the Hall constructed the streets and houses around the parkland during those times.  It was in the Edwardian period that the House and some of the land was bought by the city council for the enjoyment of the general public.

The short walk in the park on Tuesday was an enjoyable one.  As the snow continued throughout the day it was a disruptive one for many people and, thankfully, the snow has now melted.


  1. i like the second up from the bottom, would love to walk down that road. and i to am careful of taking people shots

  2. It's good to get out, even in the snow. We still haven't had any ...yet!

  3. Which park is this? I don't recognise the house. The flowers in Weston Park look better than the ones at Hodsock! xxxxx

  4. I kind of wish we got a little snow this winter, but I think it will miss us this year. I love walking with you through the snow. A cafe in the park would be lovely.

  5. I love walking in the snow but think we've seen the back of it now. Your walk looked lovely.
    Patricia x

  6. Gorgeous pictures... Love walking through a park --especially on snowy days... Beautiful.

  7. This park is very beautiful in the snow, but I imagine it is a beautiful place any time of the year. It would be nice if a cafe is put in the park. I really like those avenues of trees.

  8. Hi Linda,
    I'm fond of those avenues of trees...such a romantic idea as well as a beautiful, architectural one. When you speak of a bowling green, I wonder what that is...a wide space of grass where croquet could be played?

  9. Such a lovely place to spend time even in the winter!