22 Feb 2013

Out in the local countryside

Some of you will remember the guided group walk with a local historian on English Heritage Day last September to see some old farmhouses in our area.  I've been wanting to return that way, but the weather hasn't been suitable until this week.  Today we decided to take a drive there rather than go on a longer trip, as planned, because of the possibility of more snow storms.

It was not a day for walking the footpaths or lanes where there were patches of snow and ice.

There were diversions where some tracks over the heights were still icy.

We passed a complex of buildings, a former farm that is now rented out.  Our daughter once rented rooms there. It's a lovely place to live in the warmer months as there are wonderful views across to the reservoir. However, one day when she was driving to work in snowy weather she skidded down a hill and ended up in a field.  It could have been worse as she could have crashed into a stone wall.  She eventually moved nearer to the city.

However, there are one or two working farms in the area as well as a few other isolated cottages.

It's not surprising that many of the larger farmhouses have high, solid wall to counteract the bitter winds during the cold months of the year.

This is the inside of the courtyard which we were privileged to enter when we went on our tour.

I'm looking forward to another walk in this beautiful area on a warmer day than today. There are many interesting historical features associated with these farms that we were told about on our group walk which I will write about another time.


  1. these are wonderful, taking me there from my chair. i love the red mailbox and the stone fence and most of all the sheep pic and the rooster pic.

  2. Love the pictures. We've just got back from a few days of walking on the Wiltshire and Somerset border. Isn't it great to be able to get out after this horrible winter... Jx

  3. Hi Linda,

    Looks like a beautiful part of the country and I enjoyed seeing the sheep, chickens and the gorgeous countryside.
    Can understand your daughter moving closer to the City as it must have been scary for her, skidding on the icy road.
    Stay warm and enjoy the weekend

  4. What beautiful pictures of the countryside. Despite the remaining snow and ice, it's green there, and that is the beauty that is most apparent to me. It is very dry and brown and dusty here just now. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a great area you visited, Linda. I understand this time of year about not going too far away from home ---due to the possibility of snow and bad weather. Looks like you chose a GREAT place. I love seeing the working farms...Thanks for sharing.

  6. The farms look fascinating and I look forward to learning more about them. It looks very cold but at least dry for your visit, I bet the area looks wonderful in late spring/ early summer when all is fresh and green:)

  7. What interesting and pretty photos, Linda! And green! Our grasses here aren't turning green yet. Well, right at the moment they are under 12" of snow, with possibly more to come. But we are so thankful for the moisture because we are in a bad drought. Glad your daughter escaped injury on her skid into the field. How frightening that must have been for her. I'm heading to my blog to put you on my blogroll. Thanks for sharing your beautiful England with us! Bess

  8. I'm glad you were able to get out in spite of the winter weather. Your countryside is beautiful. I really like the high arch on the farm house you visited. I hope the bad weather stayed away from you.

  9. Such wonderful stonework in these fields! No doubt, the stones were pulled from the surrounding earth. And ice. I moved to Florida for the winter for fear of the ice in our northern home. I have taken my last fall on ice...dangerous stuff, especially for the elderly!

  10. What beautiful countryside. It reminds me of driving the countryside in the Cotswolds a few years ago. Love seeing the animals, especially the sheep. Then who can resist a beautiful barn and fence post. Can't wait for you to revisit when the weather is better.

  11. Gorgeous countryside! I envy you a bit, how blessed you are!
    I'm so glad that I found your blog, have a great week!
    Tammy x

  12. So lovely and such soothing countryside. How I wish I was on tour with you. The England you share through your pictures is everything I imagined it to be.