8 Feb 2013

Down the lane: daffodils

(click to enlarge)

On the way to a local garden centre today
I glimpsed the golden yellow gleam of daffodils
growing on the bank in a country lane 
and we stopped to take a walk.
In a day or two more of them will
 be in bloom to remind us that Spring
will soon be here!
The owners of the cottage have planted
them for all to enjoy. On the hillside
chickens roam freely and eggs are for sale.
At the nearby garden centre we browsed
around and bought some seeds.


  1. They're gorgeous, mine are still little green shoots.

  2. Hi Linda,

    How beautiful - the picture of daffodils in the field and chickens roaming freely.
    Will be so lovely to have Spring there soon, think it is my favourite season of the year.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Beautiful! What a cheerful sight to see on your walk:)

  4. Spring is on her way. I am going outside into the garden today to explore the green shoots I can see from the kitchen window.

  5. Hello Linda
    The sight of those daffodils must give you hope of an early Spring! That bank will be a sight to behold in few years once all those bulbs multiply.

    One thing I would love to do is experience an English Spring - just to see those sheets of bluebells beneath the trees and hear the larks and chaffinch sing!!
    I've read the English gardening books by Vita Sackville-West, Gertrude Jekyll, Christopher Lloyd and co who have all influenced my ideas on planting.

    Well I had an email today from my local garden centre advising their Spring bulbs are in store and to hurry in as stocks sell out fast. So tomorrow I will pop in and buy some tulips and daffodils.
    It's quite hard to think of Spring on a hot Summers day in February!!!

    Enough rambling
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Shane ♥

  6. Daffodils! Already! How lucky you are!

  7. Our garden is beginning to have patches of gold, popping up and giving the hope for Spring. I love to see wild daffodils in flower.

  8. my mother always had a yard full of daffodils. and i love all yellow flowers

  9. Thanks for this beautiful collage of signs of Spring. We're still waiting for our first daffodils to bloom, but hopefully it won't be long. I hope you have a great weekend.

  10. You have daffodils coming up already?! Here we are getting a little jittery about things starting to bud already. We know we've got at least another month of winter left, possibly some very, very cold weather. If things start growing now, they are bound to be killed when it freezes hard again. If I start to see things coming up, then I have to spend the rest of the winter making sure that they're really well covered for the rest of the winter if I want to save them. But it's sure a welcome sign that spring is coming!

  11. Oh Linda, I LOVE Daffodils --and can't wait 'til spring here when we'll have some blooming in the yard... Sometimes spring blooms do come up too early--and we do have to worry about them...

    Have a wonderful day.

  12. I am so jealous you have daffodils already. We are still at least 4 weeks away from that, if not longer. I thank you so much for sharing yours with us - such a happy spring treat.

  13. Gosh, daffodils already? it must be so sheltered where you live, Linda. Here we only have small shoots and still have snowdrops in full bloom. But the days are lengthening, so spring is on the way....

    1. We've had snow again! We were glad to get before it settled!

  14. We are a long way from daffodils, but I'm happy to enjoy yours! What kinds of seeds did you buy? When will you plant them?

  15. We were glad to get to the garden centre in the dry weather. We've bought tomato, beans and broccoli seeds to supplement the ones already stored.

  16. Daffodils were my mother's favorite flower, but it is the middle of May or later before they bloom here.

  17. Wow! You are ahead of us in the daffodils blooming. How exciting! I get very excited when the daffodils start blooming here as it is one of my favorites and they are so happy looking. Our daffodils are about 5 inches (12-13 cm) above the ground, but no blooms yet.