2 Jan 2013

New Year's Day Walk (1)

With days of relentless wind and rain it has been difficult to get out for a long walk, but as the sun broke through yesterday morning we put our plan to take a drive over to Castleton in Derbyshire into action.  Although it's a short drive from where we live, by the time we arrived in Castleton the weather had changed (as it often does in the High Peak area) and there was a steady drizzle of rain.    I have a booklet giving the details of suggested walks around this historic town, which is famous for the mining of Blue John stone, but yesterday was not the time to wander far. Even the ducks on the banks of the river were not that enthusiastic about swimming in the fast-flowing water. We went into the information centre, followed the mill stream into town, spent some time in the cosy Castle Inn before visiting the ancient church of St. Edmund.

                                                                     Peakshole Water

                                                                      The Mill Stream

            Castle Inn             

                                                             Peveril Castle

More about Castleton and our visit to St. Edmund's Church next time.                                                            


  1. It is a shame when the rain is just too much to consider walking very far; we've been the same this last week or two getting soaked once or twice. I love Castleton especially at this time of year for the lights so I've enjoyed your photos. I've been in the castle but not the church so I'm looking forward to your next post:)

  2. i love numbers 5, 8 and 11 in your photos. so beautiful. to bad it was raining, i would love to walk around there in sunshine....

  3. England even looks good on a rainy, dreary day---at least to this Ohian.

  4. I feel like I've been on a walk with you looking at these lovely photos! I had a chat with a friend in England yesterday who said you'd been having the most awful weather over there. I do hope that's all over with. Thanks for a lovely post and Happy New Year!

  5. It's too bad the weather didn't cooperate, but this looks like a fascinating place to visit. You got some wonderful pictures, and I look forward to seeing the church.

  6. Wow---what a great place to visit. Love seeing the ducks beside the water. SO peaceful!!!! You managed to get some wonderful photos, Linda. Can't wait to see the church.


  7. I enjoy my visits here so much. It's like you live in a picture book.

  8. What a shame your good intentions were foiled by the return of the rain, Linda. We managed an hour's walk in watery sunlight on the afternoon of New Year's Day, but the rain returned by evening. A very happy New Year to you and your family.