7 Jan 2013

Italy: Keeping warm, gathering wood

My new header shows the view from one of the kitchen windows on the top floor of our house in Italy. I never get tired of looking at the ever-changing colour of the mountains throughout the day even when the weather is wet. Sometimes the more distant mountains seem to disappear because of the mist.
When it rains in the mountains it rains heavily.  The sound of thunder rolls around the valleys and the lightening flashes across the sky and seems very near even if it's many kilometres away.  We keep a lamp powered by a gas bottle ready in case the electricity cuts out as we haven't got a generator.

We are already thinking about our time in Italy in 2013 and we shall go over in a month or two to  make sure everything is well around the house, do some garden maintenance and visit family.

Rain or shine one of the tasks is to gather and store wood for the open fires and wood-burning stoves.

The  branches from the vines that were pruned in the early months of last year are dried out for kindling and there's a store of wood in the garage ready for use when we need it.


  1. this is so beautiful i don't know how you stand to leave this house and go to your other one. i enlarged all the photos and studied the details. what a wonderful gorgeous place to live. i love the lacy look of the tree in the left side of your header and first photo... most of the trees are not familiar to me and i would so much love to burn some of those dry vines

  2. Love that header... Gorgeous sky color!!!!! Wow... You are lucky to have two homes to go back and forth to... But I know there's alot of upkeep, on even one--muchless two... Me???? I just love seeing your photos from either place.. They are both beautiful.


  3. The view from your kitchen window is absolutely fantastic. I especially enjoyed this post today as I was out earlier today bringing in wood for our fireplace.

  4. My mother in law lived between England and Spain for most of 20 years. Not the easiest of lifestyles but interesting! Jx

  5. The best of both worlds. I would love to see Italy one day.

  6. Hi Linda,

    The view from your Italy home is gorgeous and can see why you would want to be getting back there again. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy week

  7. What a wonderful view from your kitchen. I love Italy :)

  8. Italy is so beautiful, even under lowering storm-clouds, and the view from your kitchen window is spectacular. I love the photos of the woodpiles and the fire. You have a wonderful eye for an image, Linda.

  9. Something as fundamental as gathering wood to keep you warm must prove very satisfying Linda - to say nothing of a heck of a daily workout!

  10. The view is amazing! What a lovely place to spend part of each year. The country side is spectacular. Do you have fruit trees and produce growing on your property? It looked like a peach tree in one of the photos.