22 Jan 2013

Blue and White

Daybreak on Monday morning.
Snow on the fig tree.
The flowers from our grandson are still fresh.
This year's white hyacinth has a strong perfume.
A collection of coloured glass catches my attention
as I look out of the kitchen window.

We haven't been completely snowbound, but it seems as if the snow has been with us much longer due to the fact that it hasn't been melting.

We were glad to be able to get out at the weekend when the snow was lighter, but these last few days we've had heavier snowfalls.  Our granddaughter's high school was closed, but her brother's  primary school wasn't.  Different events have been cancelled.  I've felt lethargic and yesterday I was glad that I could take a short walk.  The snow, in fact, is quite dry and powdery and it has been easy to walk where the pavements have been cleared.  The danger is the ice underneath the snow on routes that have not been cleared or gritted.  

Today there has been a few hours of sunshine and signs of a slight thaw.

A walk around the neighbourhood.
Today - blue skies and some sunshine.

Gino is also happy to go in and out, but soon comes home and is pleased to
snuggle up beside us when the temperature drops and the afternoon turns to evening.


  1. Ah----just wish we had a tiny bit of your snow... We haven't had any much this winter so far... BUT--it's cold here (11 degrees F early this morning).... Brrrrr..

    Love your photos...

  2. Hello Linda:
    Alas, all our snow is gone and we should really love some more. Perhaps you could arrange for some of yours to blow our way?!!!!

    Your photographs are enchanting. The snow really does make everywhere and everything look so beautiful, especially when it can be viewed from the warmth of indoors!!!

    Take care and keep warm. Not long until spring!!

  3. these are all incredible, i did enlarge and love those last few scenes of snow, the trees and the cat... incredible details in these. my favorite is the one of the snow out the window with the bottle and candle, not because it is the best of the photos, but it speaks to me. i love the content. best pic i think goes to all 3of the snow pics walk around the neighborhood, if i had one like this i would be out there to

  4. These are beautiful pictures of your snow. I especially like your two daybreak photos. We've been spared snow and ice so far, but we may get some of both later in the week. Snow wouldn't be too bad, but I could do without the ice.

  5. A lovely post and photos were a delight. We may be getting snow and ice at the end of this week. I have my shoe grips ready and waiting:)

  6. Really gorgeous photos, Linda, and I especially love the daybreak ones and the snow on the gate. I envy you your sunshine and blue skies as we've snow for over a week now, but always overcast skies and only a hint of watery sun a couple of times. Take care on the uncleared buts . the combination of snow and ice is so treacherous.

  7. Your photos are stunning Linda. We too have had some sunshine today and the snow is turning to a brownish slush ugh. Hopefully it won't ice over tonight and make it dangerous again. Have a good week.
    Patricia x

  8. You've got more snow that we do right now! I love it if I can sit inside and look at it but I hate driving in it.

  9. Your pictures are beautiful - but it's promising a thaw at the weekend, which I don't mind at all. The flowers are lovely. I bet the white hyacinth has a wonderful scent too.

  10. Hi Linda,

    Your winter wonderland photos are truly beautiful and must be so nice going out for a walk. The white hyacinth is so pretty - last year I gave me sister a blue hyacinth and that had a very strong fragrance, in fact at one stage we had to put it outdoors as it was overpowering. Cute photo of Gino looking out.
    Happy week

  11. Beautiful photos! I too am finding it hard to be motivated at the moment. I'm sure that will change when the weather does though.

  12. The blue sky against the white snow is breathtaking.
    Love the blue vase with flowers too.

  13. Those flowers looks so promising of spring to come. My kitty doesn't stay out more than a few minutes at a time as it has been so very cold here.