19 Jan 2013

A corner of the monastery

The day we went to the pharmacy in the outer courtyard of our local abbey was rather dull and wet so the photos, including the usually vibrantly-coloured bougainvillea, look a little washed out.  The columns are intriguing as they stand alone by the path that leads to the gatehouse quarters and the liquoreria. They may have been supporting a covered walkway and I believe they date from a time when the monastery was a Benedictine foundation and before the 13th century Cistercian one.


  1. The monastery is gorgeous... Love seeing the architecture..

    Everytime I see your header, it reminds me of a picture I have somewhere of the North Carolina mountains... I'll have to find it and share it with you... Looks similar --at least in my mind...


  2. Oh I do enjoy these posts Linda - full of history and architecture and love the photos. Have a great weekend.
    Patricia x

  3. So interesting, Linda. The columns look very old indeed, though probably not old enough to be Roman.

  4. I've thoroughly enjoyed your photos from the abbey, even if the weather was not the best for pictures. The columns are amazing.

  5. Very well maintained and full of character! I wonder how the interior looks like? :)

    Happy weekend, Ms Linda!

  6. Interesting, the mix of Romanesque and Gothic arches at your monastery. Thank you for a look at the real thing~~I've been in Fantasyland staging...quite a fun way to think about architecture...thanks for coming by! I hope things are going well for you, Linda. I'm sorry that I've been absent from blogging for so long...missed you. Perhaps I can catch up this weekend.

  7. A very beautiful place to walk. Oh the history just sitting there to take in, observe, and just enjoy.

  8. Hello Linda:
    We have discovered your most interesting blog through the comment which you left on Perpetua's current post. We too are in love with all things Italian and have several Italian friends who, living as we do in Budapest, we are able to visit relatively easily, often taking the overnight bus to Venice.

    We are most intrigued by the columns which you show here and would, like you, imagine that they are the remaining part of a former walkway.

    Living as you do in the North of England, where we have an elderly aunt, we imagine that you are fairly well snowed up. Here Hungary is under a blanket of snow but there is, happily, less in Budapest.

  9. That's such a lovely place. I have enjoyed this place very much. Thanks for stopping by. The book you mentioned sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing that, it is something I would love to read and I have put it on my list. I went to an opera yesterday about Mary Queen of Scots and it has sent me on an historical search to re-remember my history on that era. History is truly fascinating! Have a great week :)