14 Dec 2012

York Minster: The Chapter House

York Minster's official name is the Metropolitan Church of St. Peter and it is both a cathedral and a minster - a minster being a centre of Christian teaching and ministering.  It's the largest Gothic  church in England and is certainly a vast building.  My time spent there touched my senses on all levels.
Here are some more photos from that morning in the Minster.

The Chapter House of the Minster was built between 1297 and 1310 and is an immense octagonal building with a conical-shaped roof, timbered inside and leaded outside.  It has no internal central pillar and relies on massive external buttresses to counteract the downward weight of the roof on the walls.  It is still a place used by the Dean and Minster Community for formal meetings.

The entrance to the Chapter House is by way of a vestibule (where there is an architectural model) and in both there are amazing 14th century stained glass windows and stone carvings. My eyes were draw upwards to the beautiful form and decoration of the roof with the Lamb of God depicted in the central boss.


  1. absolutely stunning church... and amazing at the age of it and that it was built by hands before all our modern equipment.

  2. Superb, Linda. I had forgotten just how magnificent the chapter house is, but your splendid photos have reminded me. Many thanks.

  3. Dear Linda - your photos are lovely. I haven't been to York Minster for nearly 30 years following the fire there.
    I bought a little wooden carving at the Minster shop made from the 15th century central tower which was partially destroyed during the fire, and made by one of the restorers. When I first bought the carving, I recall that it had a very strong smell of incense from being in situ for hundreds of years.

  4. I, too, am always fascinated by the vision that its creators had and by the hands that built cathedrals like it, truly for the glory of God. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What an incredible sight.

  6. Hi Linda,

    I loved seeing the magnificent church and all the wonderful stained glass windows. Thanks for showing us.
    Hope that you are enjoying the weekend and staying warm.


  7. Beautiful. It's been many years since I had the chance to visit York, thank you for a lovely walk down memory lane.