7 Dec 2012

Sky watching: Dawn

The weather here in South Yorkshire has turned very cold.  The high countryside where we usually walk has seen its first snowfall.  We, too, live relatively high up, but are sheltered in the lee of the hill. It's time to put up the long, heavy curtains at the front door and give thanks for a warm home. We wake at the same time every day just before the dawn breaks.  Sometimes it's been raining all night.  What sort of weather will we have during the day, I wonder? There are old sayings about the weather that would give a rough indication.  I wonder if they are reliable in these days of what seems to be abnormal weather?

Here it is at dawn yesterday and this morning - two very different skies and two very different days regarding the weather.  Yesterday was frosty, then wet and very cold. Today it's turned out sunny and dry and also very cold.

                                           6th December

                                           7th December

Tomorrow will be an even earlier start as I'm going to York with a group where we shall visit York Minster and the historic centre.


  1. both skies are wonderful and so pretty. i think we could pick a sky view and take a photo every day at the same time and never get the same one...

  2. I just love rising before dawn to see the morning sky. Your morning sky is glorious! Have a good adventure in York. Mostly I am planning a peaceful time this weekend. I will spend some time with my sister, church, and hope to bake one batch of cookies/biscuits.

  3. Love the sky views -- each and every sky so different and no two ever alike. York Minster is a place I have wanted to visit. Enjoy.

  4. These are beautiful photos of the dawn. The color of the sky is gorgeous. I have to admit that we sometimes miss sunrise -- it's too tempting to sleep in on chilly mornings.

  5. Thursday's sunrise certainly was very much a case of red sky in morning, shepherd's warning, wasn't it, Linda? Lovely photos and I hope you've had a great trip to York.

  6. H Linda, Beautiful sky pictures... Love the colors. We are into December --but no cold weather much here yet... I'm ready for some colder weather --and SNOW... ha ha