29 Dec 2012

It's panto time!

A visit to the pantomime during the Christmas season is a tradition in our family and it was made even more enjoyable this year as our 10 year-old grandson who goes to weekend stage school and has entertained us all year in several major theatrical productions, including the character of Oliver in 'Oliver!', is taking part in 'Peter Pan' in his home city.  He's playing the part of Curly, one of the Lost Boys in Neverland and he does it with his usual gusto.  It was a lovely day out as we went in a big family group and the mixture of song, dance, comedy, lighting and fantastic costumes with Peter Pan flying over the audience on hidden wires and doing gymnastics was magical.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed during and after the performances. Our daughter-in-law has been hired to be one of the chaperones as the children are strictly supervised.  There are three teams of four who perform on a rota.  Our grandson is one of the youngest in the show, but is showing singing and acting talent and really enjoys the theatrical atmosphere and teamwork, but just as importantly is doing well with his academic schoolwork.

The pirate theme was adopted by our own city this year in one of the piazzas where some models were set up by the fountains.

I wonder if you will be going to see a pantomime this year?  It's quite a British tradition which evolved from the seasonal medieval plays and then combined with ideas from the Italian Commedia del'Arte. In modern times the versions have been taken from popular fairy tales and children's books.


  1. i love that shark surfer pirate... and i know you had a really good time with all the music and dancing. sounds like you have a star in your family

  2. I can't believe it's been since early Nov. that I commented. . . well, yes, I can. I just have not been able to keep up with everything.
    I have read all your posts since the last one I commented on and I have enjoyed them all immensely.
    I love the street furniture wood sculpture--love the tumbling houses and allso the woodland sculpture--quite intricate---exquisite.
    The fairy gardens would delight my 5 yr. old granddaughter who is very much into fairies(and princesses).
    The Worrell family estate post was fascinating and I got a 'kick' out of his placque.
    I meant to start an Advent Wreath for the first time in many years, but alas did not. I love yours.
    Enlightening bit on the "Angels from the Realms of Glory" hymn--have always liked this song, but knew nothing of its origins.
    These are the highlights---actually when I started jotting down notes!;>)
    Now this pantomime--I've not heard of one so of course have not seen one. Sounds wonderful! What a joy for you all that your grandson is in it----so exciting!
    I love the 'statues'/decorations--quite colorful and imaginative.
    I hope you all doing well and that this holiday time continues to bring you peace and joy.
    I am 'nursing' the 'crud' as I call it--an upper respiratory/throat virus that students coughed out into my room before the holidays. It did not get me down for Christmas and I am sill up and moving around.

    We had a wonderful Christmas. Break will be over too soon though! We go back to school the day after New Year's Day. We would all like the rest of that week off to recoup and get ready for the end of the first semester insanity. Oh well. I am thankful to have the job and to still love teaching.
    Blessings! ♥b

  3. I love the new header also!:>)

  4. I love this! We don't have anything like it - wish you could have taken pictures; I'd love to have seen what it's all about. How proud you must have been of your grandson!

  5. Hello Linda,
    I love your stories about the pantomime. Peter Pan was my son's favorite when he was a little child.
    As Beth said, how beautiful your header is! The flickering light of the candles are calm and mysterious.
    Have great holidays.