10 Dec 2012

A visit to York

On Saturday I went to York with a group of women from several churches in our area mainly to visit York Minster where it's now possible to see something of the conservation work that is being done on the medieval stained glass and stonework of the Great East Window.
There is display material in the Minster to explain more fully what it happening as the whole of the window has been removed for restoration and a nearly full-sized digital photograph has been put up to show what the window was like before it was taken out.
The Great East Window is the world's largest area of medieval stained glass in a single window. The theme is  "I am the Alpha and Omega - I am the Beginning and the End" and the panels show 'the Beginning' from Creation and 'the End' from the Book of Revelation.
I haven't been to York for many years so as well as spending time in the Minster I walked by the river and the gardens nearby before joining some friends for lunch in the medieval quarter.

                                          The West Front and the Great West Door

                                          The Advent Wreath hangs in the crossing
                                                          between the transepts.

                                The High Altar from the choir stalls with the digital photo
                                of the Great East Window behind it and below - one of
                                    the many windows in this sacred place of worship.


  1. What an incredible place of worship. Your photos show it beautifully. My son went to England on a school trip several years ago and York was on the itinerary. He really enjoyed it there and said it was a great city.

  2. Splendid!! Thanks for this wonderful treasure of photographs of the window...isn't it wonderful that there is a digital photograph filling what would otherwise be empty spaces? Amazing and wonderful in this Christmas season...it allows the services to go on :)

  3. this is such and incredible and very ornate church. i enlarged the photos and the details are truly amazing...

  4. Linda, thank you so much for these gorgeous photos of one of my favourite cities and church buildings. You were so lucky with the weather - the light is gorgeous.

    Our eldest grandson now visits York Minster every week for organ lessons with the Director of Music there. he's a very lucky boy.

  5. Oh my! Was there any singing while you were there?

  6. Beautiful church. Love the advent wreath hanging in the church. How lovely to see a peek of York.

  7. What a magnificent church. The stained glass windows and arches take one's breath away.