13 Aug 2012

New enterprises in old buildings

In an old yard in the South Yorkshire village of Wentworth Woodhouses are a number of small retail outlets selling items for the home and garden.
There's a toy and children's clothes boutique,
several workshops making hand made oak
furniture and a working forge.
The blacksmith designs and makes beautiful wrought iron objects which can be bought at the time of visiting or can be specially commissioned such as gates, fences, weather vanes and accessories for anyone who has an open fireplace.
It's a corner of the village I've been visiting often  to browse around as it's a good place to buy gifts.

                                                                                        'Old Building Yard' was once the kennels and 
building yard for Wentworth Woodhouse House and Estatethe huge mansion and vast acres of land that covered most of South Yorkshire that belonged to the Wentworth-Fitzwilliams.
The village and all the surrounding old buildings
also belonged to the Estate.  The later Wentworth-
Fitzwilliams had diverse industrial interests in mining, iron foundries, and potteries and their
workforce from the village and others in the area
were provided with cheap, decent housing, fuel,
school and medical facilities and were well
thought of by their employees in these industries and in the house, gardens and estate. As a model village it's still very well preserved.   


  1. i like that Eporium and love to watch a blacksmith at work. beautiful old buildings every where over there.

  2. I think it's good that they can use old building like this. Love your header pic.

  3. Hi Linda, I love seeing old buildings renovated and re-used these days. So many times, old buildings are allowed to go to ruin --and then either just 'sit' there vacant or are torn down.. So SAD... Love your photos...

    Header is GREAT too.

  4. What a fun place to shop. Very cool to reuse the buildings in a way that will really draw people in.

  5. I have come across places like this in other parts of the UK and believe it is a great way to utilise redundant old buildings and bring them to life again.

  6. I've never been to any of these but thank you for sharing lovely photos here. The pots of colorful flowers add beauty to the rustic feel of the place... very very beautiful! :D