26 Jul 2012

River rambling

The Thames is the longest river in England and it's possible to walk the entire length by way of the Thames Path.
The stretch of the river I know best is where it flows through the villages and towns of Oxfordshire and Berkshire between Oxford and Windsor.


                                  "the most fairy-like little nook in the whole of the river."

                                  Jerome K. Jerome in the book Three Men in a Boat

A boat waiting to go into the lock (going upstream).
The lock keeper begins to open the sluice gates from the island.
The weir is on the other side of the island.
The boat goes into the pound lock.

That was a beautiful boat, but there were plenty more smaller ones.  The lock keeper was being kept busy and we enjoyed watching the boating world go by from the river bank and the island. Sonning has always been a popular spot and the towpath was just as busy on this sunny weekend. 

Tranquil waters for boaters and ramblers near Sonning Lock.


  1. This is such a lovely and enlightening post! I had no idea you could walk the entire length of the Thames---Wow!
    That would be a wonderful boat ride inbetween those lovely yards/gardens and homes and it must be nice to see the boats pass by as 'you' work in your yard or just sit and relax, although I wonder if it ever gets old. I can't imagine!
    I was fascinated by the locks in northern Michigan and we watched a freighter go through one---incredible set-up. Human beings can be quite inventive, can't we?!:>)
    So glad you got to do this again---must felt like a huge and wonderful accomplishment---good for you!:>)

  2. we've enjoyed some of the water travels near london...we took the river trip to hampton court and a canal to bath

  3. Such a beautiful and delightful way to travel along those shores!