3 Jul 2012

Our Italian garden in May and June

  Do come in and enjoy the garden!

Some standard favourites that reliably produce their blooms every year.

My husband made all the Roman-style columns individually for the retaining walls
when we lived permanently in Italy in the early 1990s.

We've just had the back terrace above the garage and la cantina 
resurfaced and will probably re tile it.

The fruit will be shared with Mr. P.'s family when it's ready to pick.

The view of the woods from the front terrace.
Across the lane our neighbour and old friend has a little small-holding and retreat hut.

The view from the back terrace.

There are many wild flowers in the lanes and meadows.


  1. My favorites are the pale peachy pink roses and the pink flowers with orangish centers---they look like tiny, bright windmills--so cheerful!
    That photo of the roses peeking over the columned wall is stunning, comforting, and welcoming all in one.
    Such a beautiful retreat! I'm sure it's a big responsibility to keep it all maintained, but it's got to be a blessing as well. So glad to take a 'walk' with you this morning!
    I enjoyed the previous post as well. I understand why he cut down the vines in that back portion. They are a lot of work--I imagine even the ones he kept require consistent maintenance, but they do make a lovely setting there. It would be very comforting and relaxing for me to walk there and perhaps sit and read, esp. on days when the fibro is acting up.
    I worked out in the heat yesterday, finishing up my little flower landscapes. It's not near what it has been in past years, but I decided not to get in a tissy about it and take my time. That did mean that my choices of flowers were limited and some are not in the best of shape when bought, but they are also cheaper and I can nurse them back to hardiness. I did branch out to more perenials this year, figuring we are here to stay for awhile and I should accept it and make this place more our home and not a potential rental as it has been in my head now for 6 years! It's all in the attitude, huh?!:>)

  2. What a wonderful garden that you've shared with us. It's almost like a storybook garden.

  3. It would be nice to have two home areas to visit/live.... You have two different climates --so that has to make things nice for you. I'd love to be somewhere cooler in the summer. Maybe I'll get that home WAY up in the mountains (with a waterfall) somewhere north of here --where it is cooler!!!!! (In my dreams!!!!! ha ha)


  4. Hi, i came back to see why i thought you were in the UK and read he profile all the way. so you live in both places, how wonderful that is to me. and these photos tell me why you go there. stunning beauty every where.