25 Jul 2012

A walk by the river

We took a walk by the river at the weekend. It was not surprising
that we saw many water birds, particularly swans, slowly cruising by.

Caversham Bridge, River Thames
Nearer to town the swans gather along the bank near 
the promenade.
There seem to be more and more of them
in the same spot each time I come back to my home county.


  1. this amazes me, i have never seen swans in the wild, we have them at some of our gardens here. i had no idea there would be that many in one place. beautiful

  2. That is a huge group of swans..... Reminds me of seeing all of the pelicans along the river in Galveston Bay (Texas).... Great pictures along the River Thames.... Somehow, to me, walking by the water just seems so peaceful.... Thanks for sharing.

  3. How great that you saw a black swan a rare opportunity in the UK I think.

  4. Love you photos! That black swan is amazing. Weather looks like its shaping up nicely for the Olympics this week!

  5. It looks so calm and beautiful - love the pictures of the swans

  6. The swans are so elegant. My DIL loves them.

  7. I just watched the movie The Black Swan last night. Natalie Portman won an Oscar for best actress and I agree that she did an outstanding job. My mind is still trying to figure it out. The movie ends without a clear discernment of what actually happened and what was just in her imagination/mind. Whew! It also showed the painful, much less glamerous side of ballet. Anyhow, I have never seen a real black swan---lucky you!
    I think it's incredible that the swans gather in such large groups ---much more elegant than our ducks and Canadian geese! Lovely photos---looks so serene.

  8. Such beautiful, graceful birds and I'm glad that you too have had some of this glorious weather.