20 Jul 2012

A trip to London (2)

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square

Thankfully our day in London was spent in the area around Westminster and St. James's Park and we took a taxi to St. James's Palace where we were met by clerical members of the Queen's Royal Household and given a tour of the inner palace courtyards and the Chapel Royal and the Queen's Chapel.  

By the time we left the rain had got heavier, but we had planned to walk across St. James's Park to Westminster Abbey.  Walking was the best option as security for the Olympics has meant that 
many roads, including The Mall leading to Buckingham Palace, were closed to traffic.  There were no crowds  and walking at a brisk pace I took a few photos of the short cut across the park and lake.
Buckingham Palace, The Mall

Mute swans with young 

St. James' Park
Our group arrive at the West Front of Westminster Abbey.

The Large Cloister and Garth.

The North Entrance

For the rest of the late afternoon and early evening we went to a service and then were given a tour
of the Abbey after general closing hours.  It was a very peaceful time as we were able to sit in various areas and reflect on this amazing place before heading back to the station and home. Once on the train we could have a drink, a snack and chat about our day.  

The Palace of Westminster  (The Houses of Parliament)

The Clock Tower, now called the Queen Elizabeth Tower, with Big Ben Clock


  1. Awesome post, Linda.... I would love to visit London someday... Westminster Abbey is so gorgeous and I would definitely want to visit it.... WOW!!!!!

    I'll bet that London will be a busy place soon --with people there for the Olympics. I have a blog friend who is 'working' at the Olympic Village. She is posting some great photos...


  2. The north entrance is really quite intricate. Beautiful photos all.