30 Jul 2012

A scarecrow trail festival

In most villages there are weekends in the diary that involve the whole community.  In Sonning, the weekend biennial festival featuring a scarecrow trail with many well-loved characters spread around the village has become a popular event.  Families are invited to see how many they can spot as they follow the trail and then vote for their favourite.  Many village gardens are open to the public and the money raised goes to local good causes.

Here are some photos taken two years ago together with some of the church and churchyard that I took on our recent visit.  

The beautifully-built, new church meeting room incorporates an older building.
  The footpath next to it leads down to the river.  
St. Andrew's Church dates back to Saxon times with later additions.

I hope you enjoyed an impression in photos of this endearing aspect of life in this Berkshire village.


  1. Hi Linda, That is just so neat... I've never heard of this--but it looks like so much fun. What a neat community ---and event. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How delightful! It's always cool to see how creative folks can be. My favorite of these is the soccer scene---terrific job on those characters and I like the detail they put into the setting with the crowd watching and the net,etc.
    But I'm partial to Winnie the Pooh characters so I did go "Ahhhh, how cute!" when I saw that photo. Again the detail of the picnic was well-thought out.
    It does indeed give an insight to village life there. Wonderful!:>)

  3. what a fun thing to do, i love all the scarecrows and the church is just plain wonderful to me. i would be snapping my self silly with all these scarecrows

  4. Oh, what fun! :-) One of my last parishes used to do something similar, with scarecrows all over the village and open gardens in aid of church and village funds. It was always very popular and successful, with people coming from miles around to see the scarecrows.

  5. That's hilarious R. Although I think they would be better names Cute-crows!

  6. All those scarecrows are amazingly good. I love the owl and the pussy cat one. What a brilliant way to spend the weekend.

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  8. You share the most interesting scenes. What a great place to be.